76 Questions

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Neo_Krist
1. are you a boy or girl?:

2. how old are you?:

3. what is your Chinese zodiac sign?:

4. what is your zodiac sign?:

5. who is your best friend?:
Little, Nikk, Russ, and Mel

6. who are some actors that you think are hot?:
- Emma Stone, Jessica Beil, Parker Posey, Rooney Mara

7. who is your favorite actress?:
-Helena Bonham Carter or Noomi Rapace

8. who is your favorite band?:
-Razed in Black or The Cure

9. who do you love the most?:

10. what is your favorite color?:
-Chrome or Yellow

11. would you give up everything you had for your soul-mate?:
-Dont have one

12. are you single?:

13. what if you met your soul-mate at the wrong time?:
-Dont have one

14. jacob black or edward cullen?:
-uhhh, no.

15. twilight or harry potter?:
-Harry Potter.

16. burn in the sun or sparkle?:
- Burn, for sure

17. would you go all the way on the first date?:
-On a date? No.

18. hugs or kisses?:
- kisses

19. imagine it is a dark night you are alone, who do you call?:
-No one?

20. what have you've been thinking about lately?:
-My music

21. if you could be at your dream place right now, what would you be doing?:
-Asleep in bed

22. if somebody was describing your personality what would they say?:
-Depends. If they didnt know me they would say i am wierd and a little scary. If they did, they would say i am not all doom and gloom and i am wonderfully sarcastic.

23. what gives you butterflies in your tummy?:
-No clue

24. if you could get an endless supply of any food what would you get?:
-Oh, honey walnut shrimp, no question.

25. if you could be any animal what would you be and why?:
-Either a bat or a monkey. I dont need a reason.

26. when you were little who was your favorite super-hero?:
-Batman Beyond

27. what's your favorite thing to do in the summer?:
-Stay inside, if its too hot.

28. if you were an icecream what would it be?:
-Cappuchino chunky chocolate

29. what's your favorite cartoon character?:
-Any of the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts

30. are you a morning or night person?:

31. what are your favorite hobbies?:
-Music, writing, video games

32. what are your pet peeves or interesting things you don't like about yourself?:
-Too sarcastic

33. if someone made a movie about your life what genre would it be in?:

34. if you were a comic-strip character who would it be?:
-Black Spy

35. what message or thought would you like to put in a fortune cookie?:
-"You really read these things?"

36. if you had to give up a favorite food which would it be?:
-I wouldnt. Sorry.

37. what is one food you never want to taste again?:

38. if you won a lottery ticket and got a million dollars what would you do with it?:
-More than i care to write

39. you've been given access to a time machine where and when would you travel to?:
-The post-apocalypse

40. in your opinion what animal is the best?:
-Porcupine i want quills

41. what is one item you should really throw away but probably won't?:

42. growing up what were your favorite toys?:
- Jack Skellington plush toy, Godzilla action figure, and legos

43. who is the most relevant person in our time?:
-? Ummm?

44. what is the title of the best book you've ever read?:

45. what is the name of the best movie you've ever seen?:
Any of the Millenium Series, both Swedish and English.

46. what's the name of the worst movie you've ever seen?:
- Twilight

47. what comes to mind when you hear the word reality?:

48. what is the most beautiful thing about people?:
- The ability to create

49. what is the most honest thing you've done?:
- I couldnt tell you. Honesty is a big deal to me.

50. if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?:
- Nothing

51. what is the ugliest thing you know?:

52. what do you like to do most with a free hour?:
-Make music

53. what is the most significant event of the past 3 months?:
- My new job

54. on what basis do you select your friends?:
-People who can make me better as a person.

55. what is the greatest problem in the united states?:
-The government as a whole.

56. what is the greatest value that guides your life?:

57. what is the greatest crime one person can commit to another?:
- R-pe

58. for what do you think you'd be willing to lay down your life?:
- The life of another person

59. what do you feel when you stand at the shore in the ocean?:
-I never have

60. choose a word to describe your life up to this moment?:

61 what is the most beautiful thing you've seen?:
- My cousin get clean from Heroin addiction

62. what is your biggest worry?:
-Nothing really

63. what do people like best about you?:
- My charming personality? cough

64.what do you think when you think of the word tragedy?:
-Loss of the thing you cared the most for.

65. what skill do you need in order to succeed?:
- Forethought

66. choose a word to describe a sunset?:
- Colorful

67. when do you feel most lonely?:
-When ive been betrayed

68. what future discovery do you anticipate the most?:
- Hovercrafts, we shouldve had em' a looooong time ago.

69. what is the greatest music ever composed?:
- oh wow.....idk

70. what's your favorite room in the house?:
-My room

71. I really crack up when?:
- Me and nick do improv skits

72. what was your most memorable birthday?:
- 15th

73. favorite tv show?:
-House, MD or South Park

74. favorite character from that show?:
- House, of course, and Kenny.

75. favorite time of day?:
-Anytime but afternoons

76. what is your name?:
-Kannon (like the gun......ka-boom.)


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