I Saw Her Standing There

17 year old Emma is a huge Beatles fan, one day, her dreams come true, but its more that, she has to make a choice, between...

Chapter 1

And I Saw Her Standing There

I couldn't go, I couldn't move my feet, I should go straight to him, talk to him, tell him how much The Beatles changed my life, tell him he was my favorite Beatle! Tell him I love him! , this is a once in a life time chance, John Lennon was standing there , right there, and I was standing in a crowd like a loser, too scared to talk to the man I love.
I always dreamt about this moment, when I see John accidently in street and go and talk to him, I know I would hate myself for this for the rest of my life, all the people around me was finding their way to John. John was smiling to them, taking pictures with them, giving autographs, he was such a gentle man.
I dont know why, I smiled to him, it came naturally, I was just admiring him and what I didn't expect was seeing his glance to me, he looked at me, John was looking at me, I got blushed. I could say my face was turning red like a strawberry, my smiled turned wider and I saw the most beautiful smile I've ever seen, on John's face, he was still looking at me, and now, smiling to me.
I was looking down and laughing I still could feel his glorious eyes were on me throughout the crowd, I looked up and saw him walking toward me, Oh my God
"Please don’t faint please don’t faint please don’t faint" I was telling myself while John was getting closer and closer, hope that it works.
"hi" John said smile still on his face
"hi" I smiled trying to act normal as much as I could
“how are ya?” he said glancing me up and down, I'm glad I wore my green dress, I know he loves green.
"fine thanks John!" I said try my best to don’t show how freaking excited I was.
"lets get out of here"John said he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me away from the crowd.
"so how was your day?" John said, he was taking me away, I looked back at the crowd behind us, they were glaring at John walking away from them. I couldn't careless at the time, John's hand was around my shoulder, he was right next to me, and he was taking me somewhere.
"so far it was good, really" I said, so far my day was great! as we were walking my heart was beating faster and faster.
"was it then?" we reached a silent avenue, hopefully no one was there, John stopped and looked me in the eye, I was melting
"absolutely" I said, he was getting closer to me, I felt his hand on my waist, he played with my red hair touched my cheek, I could feel his breathe on my face, he was going to kiss me, I closed my eyes and my lips were dying to touch his.
"There you are!" a voice changed everything, we let go of each other and looked straight at the owner of the voice.
"Paul!" John screamed and I would do the same if I wasn't speechless like that. that was Paul McCartney standing there!
"I've been looking for you, why are ya here?" Paul said getting closer to us, John pointed at me, I got blushed, Paul was staring at me, I mean like really stare, now I was strawberry again. Paul noticed that himself and he got abit nervous
"hi, um, I'm Paul" Paul said muttering
"I'm Emma" I said smiling to him,we shook hands, Paul was such a gentleman.
"that's a beautiful name" John said trying to get my attention back to him I think.
"thanks" I smiled widely to him
"you didn’t know her name?" Paul said surprised
"No, we just met" John said
"you were kissing her, weren't you? and you didn't ask her name!" Paul said and laughed, I didn't like the way he was trying to ruin John's reputation but he was also right, I never mind though, I looked at John and felt he was angry. I hold his hand and gave him a secure smile, he smiled back to me.
"lets go now eh?" John said to us.
"aye lets go" Paul said and ran forward, John accosted him, and pinched Paul's face funnily
"oy what was that for?" Paul asked rubbing his face, John laughed.
"I feel better now" John said running back to me, Paul looked at him strangely, I was just laughing.
This was the best moment for me, walking with John and Paul, I had no idea where it was going, but I had a good feeling.

Paul’s POV
"where the hell are ya John?" I told meself trying to find him, there he was! Standing there greeting fans, I should have told Ringo to pick him up, I tried to notify him I was there, he could just jump in the car and we would get off, John couldn't see the car, you twit just look over here!
I didn't feel like greeting with the fans right now, as I was waiting desperately something got my attention, a beautiful girl I saw her standing there, behind the crowded people around John, she had this wonderful green dress with beautiful red hair, George was here he would say I’m liking it because of Jane, but it had nothing to do with Jane, this girl's hair was darker, I wish I knew her name! she was just standing there doing nothing! She wasn't trying to get in touch with John or anything! She was just standing there smiling! I had to get over there and get the girl! She was something!
I wanted to get out of car, damn it, John was getting close to the girl, John come on, not that girl, not her! I said out loud and punched the steering wheel, why was I punching the steering wheel for?
I had to do something, I got off the car, couldn't care less about locking it, I ran toward them, John was taking her away somewhere, with his arms around her! I needed the steering wheel right now or I would punch John! I wasn't fast enough though, she looked back at the crowed for a moment I could see her amazing blue eyes, there was something about this girl John wouldn't understand, he probably thinks its just another girl to hook up with, I wouldn't let him break her heart! I wouldn't! I was losing the sight of them as they were getting further, and there it began, the fans recognized me.
“Paul! Paul McCartney!” Oh God No!

John's POV
"so far it was good, really" she said with her soft voice, I couldn't wait! I wanted to kiss the girl!
"was it then?" what the hell! Was was that I said? It was so lame!, I wanted to impress her, I had to do something, now we were in this quiet street with no there, I should kiss her
"absolutely" she said flattering, I loved her voice! I wanted to kiss her so bad
I made my move I got closer to her, I bravely put my hand on her waist she didn’t mind, I started to play with her fiery red hair, looked in her ocean blue eyes, I was going to kiss her. I was getting close to kiss the girl.
"There you are!" a voice distracted us, damn it! Yeah as I expected it was Paul, he was there just to ruin my day!
"Paul!" I yelled, she wasn’t there I would go straight and punch him
"I've been looking for you, why are ya here?" I pointed at the girl, Paul got close to us, he looked at me girl, he didn't take his eyes off her, I was about to punch him!
"hi I'm Paul" he was doing his gentleman thing.
"I'm Emma" the girl said, what a beautiful name! she was smiling at Paul and that was driving me crazy, I could say Paul was flirting with him, he probably thought this is another girl to hook up with! Chshhh, this is me girl, I knew it from the first sight I saw her standing there.

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