I Saw Her Standing There

17 year old Emma is a huge Beatles fan, one day, her dreams come true, but its more that, she has to make a choice, between...

Chapter 2

Being Paul McCartney

It all happened so fast I couldn't find the time to be amazed enough, me, Emma Clarkson, was John Lennon's girl, I never get tired of repeating that to my self. I was John's girl friend and seems like nothing in the world can come between us.
I cant believe its been 3 month Im dating John, no doubt about it Im the happiest girl in the world , John loves me so much and his friends are really nice to me, I spend a lot of time with Ringo, he is awesome, we do a lot of funny stuff together, we drive everybody around crazy, once we were in this club, we tied up George's shoelace together while he was standing and talking to some girl, as he tried to make a move to dance he fell down really funnily, it was hilarious, he tried to run after us but he fell down again!
George is literally very nice, I couldn't find a better friend, he knows me so well, whenever I'm down and something's wrong with me he's the first one to notice and his words is the best one to comfort me, once we were in this party and as I saw all the beautiful women with amazing dresses and make ups like they were all models, there were trying to flirt with The Beatles, I felt so worthless, I was nothing like them and probably never could be them, I felt like I don't deserve to be John's girl friend, sooner or later he'll notice that himself and he will leave me alone, that night that I was almost crying , George noticed, he found me alone and he talked to me a lot, he said about those girls and how they are like dolls with nothing in their head, and how I was lovely and nice and John could never find anyone better.
I got along quite well with Pattie, she is so nice, Maureen was also very kind to me, we've been their guests for dinner last night and she told me in private she thinks John should marry me! I told her its quite soon because I'm just 17 and she said "well, get married when you got 18!" she winked and this was the first time I thought its not impossible to marry John...
And about Paul, I dont know why but it seems like he doesnt really like me at all, I tried my best to dont look at it in a bad way and shoo away all the negativities in my head, but he never talk to me, not a word, hardly hello and goodbye, he quickly looks away anytime our eyes meet, I tried to talk to him couple of times but he seems escaping from me every time. Like he really hates me or something, maybe I should talk to him directly about this, I should sort this out, it might be some sort of misunderstanding maybe once I said the wrong thing and got him annoyed, I should go talk to him, and this was the best time he was sitting alone drinking wine, I always thought Paul is one of those party people who love to be among his friends, but I always find him alone in the parties, I walked toward him, Now or never I told myself
"hi" I said with a nice small, he seemed shocked as he didnt expect me
"um hi!" he said looking away, seems like there was something he was hiding from me, now I was there to find out what that is.

Paul's POV
This bloody wine better work, I need to stop thinking! Damn it! Why do people think anyway?
All I could think about was her, Emma, she was not just a beautiful girl, she was the kindest and sweetest girl I've ever seen, I met no one like her. But there was something about her that I really dont know what it is but it attracts me so much.
Her beautiful red hair got my attention again, I looked away, she was John's girl, I told this to meself again, wasn't really working though.
I was deep in thought, a voice distracted me.
"hi" I looked up, Gosh! It was her!
"um hi!" I said, obviously didn't expect her
"how are you?" she said with her sweet voice, she gave me a smile and sat next to me! I tried not to look away and act politely
"alright, you?" I gave a pale smile
"alright too" she said looking at John that was laughing with George and Pattie, George looked over at us, I waved at him.
"we never talked that much Paul, I really like to get to know better She said looking me in the eye and I was about to melt
"sure" I shrugged,that was so corny! very smug of me!
"I like to get to know you too" I tried to fix it, but tried my best to act like I don't care that much, I guess it turned out like I dont care at all
"that's great" her smile was a big one, why she got happy when I told her that? Does she love me? STOP IT I told meself then I tried to focus on the conversation and avoid staring at her at the same time
"so whats up?" she said with a naughty look, like we were best mates and she wanted to know what's going on with me
"not much really" I looked down, part of me wanted this torture to end sooner and part of me loved it
"Paul, is everything okay with you?" she tried to look me in the eye, I was escaping her blue eyes.
"ofcourse, why wouldn't it be? I'm not some stupid ordinary guy, I'm Paul McCartney, it's a great life being Paul McCartney you know" I shrugged again and looked away thinking with meself what corny was that!, I didn't have any idea what I said and why I said it it just came out, 'couldnt be more arrogant, being Paul McCartney? seriously? I I had a disgust expression on my face as I was blaming myself.
She just looked at me like I was crazy, she shook her head with a tease sigh as she couldnt believe what I said
"well enjoy your life, Paul McCartney!" she said teasingly, then she walked away. I wanted so much to go after her, jump and follow her and tell her I'm sorry and I didnt mean anything and hug her and kiss her and… man, being Paul McCartney sucks!

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