Cupid, bro, we gotta talk about your aim, man. (Marauders Era Love Story)

My friend Alison and I have decided to write this story seeing as we both love Harry Potter. However, since everyone already knows the story of The Boy Who Lived we thought it would be cool to write a story about the Marauders. We've put links to outfits for the characters and photos. I know that the Marauders looked different however, the photos show how we imagine them to look like when they are in their 5th year. Hope you enjoy. Mischief Managed..

Chapter 1

Don't Be a Girl About It - Remus Lupin - Sirius Black - James Potter

The Outfits: - Rue - Holly

Rue's POV
I was sitting on the Hogwarts express with my best friend Holly, both of us daydreaming and gazing out the window. Thinking about what our new school year will bring. I don't know if I should be excited or bummed out with our transfer to Hogwarts.. I really loved Beauxbatons, it was my home. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned in the direction of it.
"Cheer up, Rue! We're gonna get sorted into houses, and meet new people! We won't have to put up with all those snobby b!tc/hes and their drama anymore, too!" said Holly.

Holly and I were like sisters, but we were so different from each other. Me, shy, quiet, with a really bad temper and my best friend, outgoing, fun to be around, calm no matter what is going on. Around twelve the old lady with the food cart came around. We both bought some sweets and our usual Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, which we will be having some fun with later. Soon our talking and laughing was interrupted by the sound of the compartment door sliding open. We looked up to see three boys standing in the doorway smiling down at us.

The first boy I noticed had a smirk on his face and his stormy blue eyes seemed to be staring pointedly at ME. He seemed like trouble but somehow I couldn't get my eyes off of him. I looked away blushing a bit at my thoughts and looked at the two other boys. One of them with sandy blonde hair and scars on his face. The other one had dark brown hair sticking out at odd angles brown eyes and round glasses but my eyes somehow landed back on the 1st one.

Sirius' POV

We heard voices coming from a compartment next to ours. One was soft like wind chimes and the other was loud and sounded pretty happy or excited. One of the two. I looked over at James with amusement and spoke. "Shall we go check it out, mate?" I smirked.

We opened the door of the compartment to have two girls face us and they looked the same age as us even though we've never seen them before. One of them with curly brown hair and warm brown eyes, pretty. My eyes however, traveled to see the other girl and that's where they stayed. She was so beautiful, with long wavy blonde hair, with skin the color of porcelain and eyes of perfect forget-me-not blue. Our eyes met for a minute then she quickly looked away to James and Remus with a hint of pink in her cheeks. I couldn't get myself to forget those eyes while she seemed to study my friends I tried to snap out of it.

Rue's POV
Finally the boy with the dark brown hair spoke up
"Hi, do you mind if we sit here?"
Instantly Holly replied with her cheerfulness saying
"No not at all please sit."
They call sat down Holly was now sandwiched between James and the boy with sandy hair while the third one sat next to me. He slipped his arm around my waist and spoke for the first time since they arrived.
"Im Black.. Sirius Black, and what's your name love?"
"I'm Rue." I replied simply realizing that he is one of the guys that hit on anything walking around with a v-@g!n/a.
"Oh.. I thought it was Aphrodite."
Yep.. there we go.. definitely one of those guys.
I rolled my eyes at him and picked his arm off of my waist. He continued with his shameless fl!rting.
"So baby, what's your sign?" He waggled his eyebrows at me.
"Do not enter."
The other two boys and Holly, of course, 'OOOOH'ed and that s.c.u.m.b@g sank in his seat next to me.
The boy with jet black hair and round glasses chuckled high-fived me and then said,
"I'm Potter, James Potter. This is Remus Lupin and you already met our idiotic friend Sirius.
I smiled and then scoffed at the mention of the idiot beside me.
"Is he always like this?"
James smiled and nodded.
"I would love to tell you that he is not but unfortunately that's our dear Sirius for you."

Now Remus turned to me and Holly asking
"So are you two fifth years like us? Or maybe younger? I don't think we've seen you before and I'm pretty sure we know everyone here."
Holly spat out her drink.
"Are you trying to pick a fight or something? Me and Rue are fifth years! How could you think we were any younger than that?" she wailed.
"Yeah. I wouldn't pick a fight with Holls if I were you, she might not win now but she would get you back sooner or later." I said laughing at the expressions the boys had on their faces after Holly's outburst.
"Pfft. Just a girl." The gi.t beside me mumbled. We ignored him and Remus spoke up again.
"Sorry." he laughed. "It's just you girls look really young and pretty, you know." he smiled.
"Yeah.. are you guys sure you are not part veela?" The git asked me
I smiled my sweet smile and answered
"Listen, are you always this stupid or are you just making a special effort today?"
The git looked taken aback but regained whatever "cool" he had and smirked.
"That depends. Do you like stupid?"
I was relieved to hear the voice echo in the halls
"We will be arriving at the Hogsmeade train station shortly. Please leave all of your luggage on the train. It will be take to the school separately."
I realized that Holly and I were both still in our normal clothes.
"Im sorry but could you leave? We need to change"
The smirk returned to Black's face
"Do you need help?"
I smiled
"No.. but it seems to me like you need some help with getting out of this compartment."
While saying this I pulled my wand out and pointed it at him. He froze for a moment and then started slowly backing away.
"No need for that.. It's all cool. I'm leaving."

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