Little Beatle Stories

Little Beatle Stories

This is just a bunch of short stories about the best band ever! (my opinion)

Chapter 1

A Day in the Life of the Beatles

By: Lizzie
"Here comes the sun!" Paul groggily stated as the quartet ran to the ocean. There was a yellow submarine waiting for them by the docks. Since Penny Lane was closed for construction, the boys had to make a detour through Strawberry Fields.
"Help!" Ringo cried as he tripped over a pit.
John stopped quickly and pulled Ringo up.
"Looks like someone needs to be fixing a hole!" John quipped.
"Ah, you're such a day tripper, Ringo!" George teased.
"Are you okay?" Paul asked worriedly.
"I feel fine!" George chimed in.
"Not you!"
"I am the walrus!" Ringo slurred as he twirled on his heels.
"Don't twist and shout now, Ringo! Do you have your ticket to ride?" John sighed.
"I did yesterday, but Michelle took it when she climbed through the bathroom window!"
Paul and George laughed hard as John slapped his forehead.
"I will get by with a little help from my friends, right?" Ringo cried as he rubbed his knee.
"Yeah, we can work it out..." George calmly replied.
So, they continued their trek to the water where a woman stood by the waves.
"Ah, Eleanor Rigby!" Paul chimed. She stood with a look of disgust on her face.
"I call your name!" he sang with a loud tone.
She tapped her foot on the lumber.
George elbowed Paul in the stomach.
"Dear Prudence!" George assured the woman. Her face lightened up and she ran to give him a hug.
"It was on the tip of my tongue..." Paul apologized.
She took everyone's ticket except for Ringo's.
"Hey, madman, no reply?" she asked after holding out her hand for a minute.
"He's not guilty, so slow down!" George begged.
"Fine, he can get back, back to the end of the sub!" she demanded.
"She said, she said!" Ringo flubbed.
"That was some other guy!" John saved.
Ringo smiled and fell to the floor of the aquatic machine.
"Hopefully you can think for yourself after this is all over!" Paul laughed.
"Yeah, tomorrow never knows..." George snorted.
"Eight days a week?" Ringo asked confused.
"No, Ringo, you can't do that! Now you'll confuse the little ones!" John cried with anguish.
Soon, the submarine shook and rocked and they were on their way underneath the surface. Ringo had now fallen asleep, since he barely got any z's the night before.
"This boy!" John sighed as he shook his head.
"Looks like only us three cool cats!" Paul joked.
"Now, men, we're going to see two things: the octopus's garden and the inner light!" Prudence proclaimed.
All three gasped; crying, waiting, hoping that they will see the sun again...

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