Little Beatle Stories

Little Beatle Stories

This is just a bunch of short stories about the best band ever! (my opinion)

Chapter 3

Hey Jude!

By: Maddy aka BeatlesFan15

"Hey Jude!" Paul yelled to me. I flipped my golden curls back, smiling across the studio.

"Hello!" I saw a girl behind him, so I turned on my heel and quickly snapped, "Goodbye!"

"Wait!" Paul ran to my side. "I want you!"

"Don't let me down..." I sighed and gathered by bags.

"Oh darling! I promise you it's only Ringo's bird. She came to return his matchbox!" He grabbed my hands, making me drop my things.

"Paul, I bet she loves you! You know that can't be bad." I snatched my things and stomped past him. The red head had left, but I still wanted to leave. He couldn't just bring in some Girl.

"I'll wait for you, even if it's in Strawberry Fields forever! My guitar will gently weep!" Paul was being downright pathetic now.

"Boys," I rolled my eyes and whispered to myself. He wasn't getting me that easily. I skipped out into the streets to a nice surprise. "Oh! Here comes the sun! I guess I'll follow the sun." As I walked, I heard footsteps behind me.

"Jude! I'm a fool on a hill! I never meant to make it look like I was with that day tripper! Your my sexy Sadie." He grabbed my hips and swayed them, making me giggle.

"Oh Paul. You don't want me. I'm a loser. Tell me why you want me."

"Well my dear, all you need is love. I've got a feeling that in my life, your the one for me." He kissed my cheek and looked into my eyes.

"Oh you!" I wanted to hold his hand, so I grabbed it and ran for my life to the studio.

"Good morning good morning, Jude!" George greeted.

"Oh hey. Sorry, you won't see me. I'm going out with Polythene Pam here." Ringo grabbed the red head from earlier and left with her. I smiled and tole them the great news.

"So Paul, she's leaving home to be with you? Well things are just getting better!"

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