a dream that came to life

This is a fun little story that's about a little girl who her dream came true will in the story she doesnt know if it is real.

Chapter 1

the dream

"Sally bedtime" Mother called out to her. "Ok mom." When sally went to bed she heard a poof... so, then she woke up. "Welcome! This is fairtale world. Dont be shy what's your name?" asked the guy in blue. "I'am sally how did I get here?" "well you poofed here you silly!" He explained. "So, were do I go then bub?" I asked "Anywere." He replyed "Ok, so Sally went on roller cousters call the Ziper,Zero Graviti, 1,000 Knots, and more! She even got to ride a unicorn. Then, Sally thought the it's not real, non of this is real. My mom even told me so. She asked a little girl name Hannah. Hannah said " That guy in blue said, I poofed here and I'm going home in one day." I said "That guy didn't tell me that, and I'm scared. What do i do?. Hannah said, to go on that labtop and go on ask.com. no it will say it is fake. Hannah laughed bad luck for you good bye. Sally got so angry that she ran and ran far away so she could not see it. but it never end. then Sally starts to scream yell then she woke Mother saying whats wrong whats wrong. Sally said nothing's wrong Mother.

The End


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