My mainly negative opinion on The Hunger Games Series.

This is going to get me in trouble. Ha ha. Enjoy. ~DISCLAIMER: May contain spoilers :D~ The title will not be changed. If you hadn't noticed I say more negative things than positive, making it "mainly negative" WOOP!

And If Suzanne Collins ever finds this, well... Awkward.

Chapter 2

Catching Fire

You read correctly, I'm making another two chapters! :o

Last night I read Catching Fire (YES THE WHOLE GOSH DARN BOOK). My mother brought it for me because I was complaining about being bored.... It was a major improvement from the previous book, but very rushed.

As I read, I was throwing in commas and adding words, rearranging sentences so that the word flow was better. As a reader I shouldn't have to do that. But Collins' can write how she wants I guess. OHH! She puts spaces in the Ellipses ("..." is an Ellipsis, for those of you that don't know:)), and that bugs me.. No offence to some people on here that do... I just get annoyed by it, it's like what, are you trying to speak Morse code?! I think you need more dashes in those dots!

It was rushed, especially towards the end. She would go into too much detail about things that didn't matter (such as a whole six lines on coffee and way too much attention on Katniss' clothes, I understand with the wedding dresses but still.) and rushing through things that were important.

At some points, characters would work out things that real people wouldn't be able to work out with the amount of information given to them. And if it wasn't a book, and Collins hadn't intervened and put words into their mouths, they never, ever would have worked it out.

It didn't get interesting until the second part. I was going to put it down but I liked watching Katniss be hgfdtydfk xD

And that brings us to Katniss. She showed a little more weakness, but was just as Sue-y as ever. She disappoints me and I liked watching her be sad. She can shoot arrows in almost complete darkness and hit an animal. Yes, because that's possible. I liked Johanna until Katniss started liking her. I just really hate Katniss. And when Collins' decided that Katniss was pure... Bitch, please. I mean she sort of is but... Really Collins?!?!?!?!?!

Peeta... He's more bearable than little Katty (I nicknamed Katniss... Not a good sign O.o) but just as bad. The only thing I like is that I can picture Josh Hutcherson as him!

Haymitch became more than just a drunk. I liked him in the first book because he had problems and wasn't perfect. I don't like him any more.

I kind of like Finnick. I thought he was annoying but when the book said he loved Annie I was like awwwwwwwwwww!

The plot was much better after the second part, I stopped being able to guess some of what was happening. It became so much more than just the love triangle and the violence. That cliff-hanger... I'm buying the next book today. Woo!

Overall, I enjoyed the book, just because it kept me interested and turning pages.

Have a great day, be expecting another chapter in the next couple of days!

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