A story about assasins,love, and secrets that the world should never have to know.

Chapter 1

Profiles and what the characters think of each other

by: MrsBoddy
Akira-17 years old! Is the leader Assassin hates the sun and is half vampire! She has a very bad temper and attention span. Loves People but when it comes to her Job her friends and her are the best there is in the business and on top of that they are rare.

Yuna-16 years old! Is very caring but at times she can be hard to handle. Most of the time she had the metabolism of a little kid which can annoy Terra and Akira at times. She became a werewolf after are last visit to the mountains.

Terra-16 years old! She is a vampire; Akira and her have been friends since they were little toddlers. Even though at times she make Akira mad with her “Whatever” Can do self. Other than that she is an awesome person.

Mesora-16 years old! She loves to fight and is a vampire. She and Kiki are the newest members to the Assassin group. She can be nice, but maybe to nice at times. She is a super fast runner and is almost as fast as Terra… and nowhere near as close as Akira.

Kiki- 17 years old! She can transform into a werewolf, and she is the go to girl if we need her to decode something or break into somewhere pretty much…She is a second mind for the Assassins to use. We meet her and Mesora at are last mission. Also has a super short attention span. But other than that she is a great listener and can figure out a code or problem to something in less than a minute.

What the Characters think about: Yuna
Akira-I think Yuna is okay,She makes me fill happier when she tries to be nice and help me with my problems.
Terra- She can be so annoying at times, But I know she means good and to tell you the truth she’s a very skilled Assassin.
Mesora-She’s a funny one, but that not a bad thing,I think she agitates Akira a little bit but really I don’t think Akira minds.
Kiki- Who Yuna? Well personally I think she is awesome me and her are the only wolfs here so of course we have to bond as friends.

What the characters think about: Terra
Akira- Yeah, Terra she may act like a bad ahm! But really she is just like the rest of us calm, gentle, nice, but still a killer. I love her like a sister; she and I have been friends since we were still in diapers.
Yuna- She scares me at times but I do admire her stealth. Hmm I wonder if she dislikes me. Thinks about it then puts her head down in shame
Mesora- She is faster than me, it’s not fair but then again she has been an assassin for a long time. My Life goal is to become faster than her I must complete it!
Kiki-Terra? Well she is my friend she is the one who saved me from being killed so I think she is awesome. An I love her hair!!

What the others think about: Mesora
Akira- Mesora is awesome to practice with,it is like she gets it. Ha-ha wow and don’t forget Mesora you owe me since you lost the bet.
Yuna-She is okay a little too rough housed at times but other than that she can be fun to around.
Terra- Ha she is fast but not fast enough to catch up to me, but if she ever wants to beat me she would have to work an eternity
Kiki- Mesora she is my sister I love her there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect her me and her have been through thick and thin, and it looks like the journey has just begin.

What the others think about: Kiki
Akira- Her? Well she is my favorite one to teach stuff too cause it’s not all about fighting I get to teach her how to hack and decode stuff which is awesome she is fun to be around.
Yuna- Kiki? Oh her she stole my cookie she is really sneaky she has the stealth of an invisible ninja. It’s awesome. But she still owes me a cookie now!
Terra- She is actually good at her job but not as good as Akira because she has had so much practice but I bet she will be as good as her one day, maybe even better!
Mesora-My sister Kiki? Well I always knew she had a talent but the talent that she actually does have is so cool and even though she spaces out a lot I know she will always be there for me so all I can do in return is do the same.

What the others think about: Akira
Yuna- When I first meet her she was always so sad I didn’t know why either and I still don’t know why but hopefully one day soon I will. Cause I want to help her.
Terra-My best friend who I might as well call my sister.Wow I can’t believe were Assassins now and you’re the leader it’s awesome. I'm Glad your dreams came true Friend!
Mesora-She is great to practice fight with even though I see she gets bored with me easily because she is stronger than me. But she believes one day I can become stronger than her and she encourages it too!
Kiki- Akira? She used to scare me but now that’s she is my teacher is the Assassins arts I found out she wasn’t that bad.But she still never seems happy even when we complete a mission.I wonder what’s wrong with her?


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