Dance in blood

Dance in blood

:3 hope its not too scary lol XD

Chapter 1

Bring a umbrella

Here comes my nightmare
Eating out my heart
Sending screams up my throat
Cutting the flesh of my fears
Letting out a monster
A night of doom of my soul
Waking up to wonderland
A twisting horror of a dream
I'm too hollow to sleep
Ripping my life apart
All to do but dance
In the blood that rains
Keep dancing until midnight
Falling down to a black hole
I'm a river of myself
Overflowing the ground
Let it never end
I'm gonna dance in blood
Nothing but this from inside
Feeling wet between the legs
Rubbing among my chest
This wonderland of mine
Just kill me in my parade of rain
Pouring down blood
From my dark clouds
Dance in my blood
Warm and sicking
I'm gonna dance still this heart stops.


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