Two Is A Company, Three Is A Coven

k, it took me forever to come up with this story so enjoy and don't forget to comment!

Chapter 1

Death Waits For No-one

The sound of rain makes me feel cold. Not physically, but on the inside. As my grandmother used to say, "Bad things happen in weather like this." The rain pelted down louder and louder until it drowned out even the sound of my thoughts. I loved weather like this; it was a nice break from the stifling heat of summer. But now summer was over and winter was fast approaching. It had been raining like this for days now and frankly, I was getting sick of it. My skin began to crawl as I listened even harder to the rain batter the roof of our house. I have a theory why rain had this effect on me; I think it was raining that night, the night my parents were killed. I was a baby at the time, so it amazes me that I only remember that random fact. I was raised by my grandmother, along with my two cousins, Callista and Faye; their parents were killed as well. You see, we come from a long line of witches. Our mothers were witches, our grandmother is a witch and her mother was a witch, etcetera, etcetera; it runs in the family. We were all very young when evil witches and warlocks came for our parents. It was some sort of ancient protection charm that saved us all from suffering the same fate as our parents. My parents died first, then Callista’s and eventually Faye’s were murdered as well. If this has taught me one thing, it is that magic must be kept secret at all costs. We can only trust each other and no-one else.
“Ash! Ash?” A high pitched voice called, snapping me out of my day dreaming. It was Faye; she wanted something, as usual. I stepped out from the shadows, under the tree my mother had planted when she was a little girl and quickly ran across the yard and onto the front porch, trying to avoid the rain.
Faye stood in the doorway, her thin arms crossed across her tiny chest. We were both sixteen but she was so tiny that she could be mistaken for a ten year old at first glance and I was slightly taller than average, making the height difference between us even greater. But what Faye lacked in size, she made up for with personality and attitude. Her long straight hair was dyed pale green and she was wearing a cute vintage outfit.
“What?” I asked, brushing droplets of rain water off my black skinny jeans and leather jacket.
“Have you seen my iPhone?”
I ran a hand through my long, wet, wavy black hair. “No, have you asked Cal?”
“Yes, she has!” called Callista as she passed the door, getting ready for school. Her curly blond hair was yanked back in a harsh ponytail and she was dressed in plain jeans and a loose t-shirt, not a speck of make-up; typical Callista.
Faye looked very panicked now, her iPhone was her most prized possession. “Are you sure you haven’t seen it, Ash?”
“Yes, I’m sure. Where did you have it last?” I replied.
“I was… getting ready… I put it down on my bed… Oh! I made my bed and it must be under the covers!” She ran inside and I heard her light footsteps as she bounded upstairs.
I shook my head and walked inside. Callista was sitting at the table, munching on a mouthful of Coco Pops. She picked up the box, offering me some but I shook my head. I liked Coco Pops but I didn’t like eating breakfast.
“How’s Grandmother?” I asked, pouring myself a glass of orange juice.
Cal swallowed and looked up from her cereal ruefully. “She gets sicker by the minute.”
“We have to call a doctor.” I said sipping at my juice, the news I just received made it taste sour.
Shaking her head, Cal replied, “But she doesn’t want to see one.”
“Cal, she’ll die if she doesn’t see one.” I said bluntly.
“You think I don’t know that,” she snapped. “She says that she will not resort to modern ways. If the old ways can’t cure her then it is time for her to go.” Cal pinched the bridge of her nose, trying not to cry.
I walked across to the stove and inspected the potion I was brewing. I couldn’t be bothered using the old cauldron in the basement, in theory a pot should work just as well. I took the lid off and sniffed the contents gingerly. It smelt absolutely foul and I fought the reflex to gag.
“Is it supposed to smell like this?” I asked Cal, who had the book of potions open on her lap.
“It doesn’t say.” She replied. “Is it a violet-ish colour?”
“Yes, it is.”
“Well it’s ready.”
I poured a ladle of it into a vial and we journeyed upstairs to Gran’s room. The door was left ajar from when Faye entered a little while ago. Gran’s room was decorated with old-style frills and wallpaper in pastel pinks and beiges. Gran was deeply burrowed under a pile of quilts and doonas. She seemed to have gotten even smaller; she was about Faye’s size now. Her deathly pale skin had a greyish hue to it and her grey hair was limply pulled away from her face in a messy bun.
“Ashya, Callista, it’s lovely to see you two.” She croaked, her voice was barely a whisper. She was one of the few people who still called me Ashya; I got most people to call me Ash, just like Callista had gotten everyone to call her Cal. Usually I would whine and complain about it and Gran would reply with something like, “Your name is Ashya, not Ash, Ash is a boy’s name.”, but not this time. Faye was already at Gran’s side, holding her hand. Cal and I went to the other.
“I made you that potion you asked for.” I said, holding the vial out to her.
Gran smiled weakly and reached out for the vial, her hands shook so violently that I wanted to cry. Cal grabbed Gran’s hand and helped her bring the vial to her lips. Once Gran had downed the potion I realised the time, Cal realised this as well.
“We’re going to be late for school.” She cried, looking at her watch.
By the expression on Faye’s face this news wasn’t new to her and she didn’t care. Faye and school didn’t mix, she’d receive more detentions than any other girl and she was failing every class except music. I didn’t want to go to school, not with Gran in this state but we had exams today so we had to go.
“Go…” Gran commanded. Back when she was healthy she would kick our asses if we tried to stay home.
We stepped out the door with heavy hearts. School was quite the distance away; we lived on the edge of town, bordering the forest. Every day we teleported there and back, we had no other way to get there. It wasn’t like our Grandmother, an old witch, had a car and it wasn’t like us sixteen year olds could drive. We held hands in a circle and I teleported us into a closed toilet cubicle in the girls bathroom.
We quickly ran off to our roll class. Few people knew that Faye, Cal and I were related, what with our different last names and all. Our usual teacher was away so we had one of those annoying subs who always read out the first and last names of the students. We entered just as the teacher called out Cal’s name.
“Callista Lockhart?” She called in a nasally voice, glancing around.
“Here.” Cal replied meekly.
The teacher continued with the roll and we sat in our seats.
In a lot of my classes I am last on the roll but not in this one. It’s hard to be called last when you have Faye in your class.
“Ashya Shade?”
“Here.” I called, raising my hand to draw her attention to me.
“Faye Zephyrus?”
“Yo.” Faye replied, being a smart ass

School took forever to be over. Maybe it was because I spent all day worrying about Gran. As for my test, I could have done better but a pass is a pass. I just know that Cal aced it and Faye has failed. My anxiety to get home was obvious and my cousins seemed just as anxious. I imagined walking through the door to find Gran baking a pie, just like the good old days. That my potion had cured her and everything was going to be alright. But that was not what really happened, not by a long shot.
We got home and the rain was bucketing down on us, we sprinted inside and found some towels. It was so very silent and I felt the sense that something was wrong, very wrong. Abandoning my towel and walking water all through the house, I went upstairs to Gran's room. Faye and Cal followed. I gently twisted the handle of Gran's door and quietly entered. She looked peaceful, like she was sleeping but the pallor of her skin and her stillness said other wise.
"Gran? Gran?" I called softly, drifting to her side.
I reached out to touch her arm and her skin was ice cold. "Gran?" Tears welled in my eyes and spilled down my cheeks. I could hear Faye crying and Cal saying something behind me but I didn't understand what she said and I couldn't tear my eyes off Gran's peaceful face. Nothing else mattered to me at this moment, all that mattered was the fact that Gran was dead.

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