Say no to status quo ( A starkid story)

Say no to status quo ( A starkid story)

This is a story between me (caz) and talia its a starkid story and yeah its going to be totally awesome i hope let's see how it goes.

Chapter 1


“Caz get your lazy ass in this kitchen right now.” Talia shouted.

“Ok I’m coming.” I said walking over to her

“I met this girl Meredith.”

“Yes, a new friend now you can leave me alone.” I cut her off.
“Let me finish, she invited me to a party and she said I can bring a friend so I thought of you.” She grinned to herself.

“That’s only cause I’m like your only friend, when’s the party?”

“In like an hour, come on let’s get ready.” After this we went into the bedroom and searched for something decent to wear. I hated going to parties but I knew Talia and there was no way of escaping this one so was obviously excited about it. After half-an-hour getting ready, Talia announced we had to leave now or we’d be late.
“So do you know anyone other than Meredith going to this party?” I asked
“Nope not a single person.” It was total silence for the rest of the journey. She was concentrating on driving and I didn’t want to distract her. We pulled into the parking lot and headed up some stairs.
“This is Meredith’s apartment.” I said as we approached the door.
“No I think she said it was at her friends.” This was so unrealistic how well did she actually know this Meredith. This is crazy. I don’t know where I am or whose behind that door. Well it was to late to run as she had already knocked on the door.
“Well hello there.” A man said.
“Hi Meredith invited us?” Talia said a little taken back by him.
“Oh you must be Talia.” Then he turned to me. “I have utterly no idea who you are. I’m Brian by the way.”
“Holden whose at the door.” Another voice shouted.
“People.” Brian replied sarcastically.
“Holden?” Talia asked.
“A lot of people call me that it’s my surname. Anyway welcome to the house of fun.” He said doing a weird dance. He showed us to the living room.
“Guy’s this is Talia and this is fvck what did you say your name was again.”
“Um I didn’t. But I’m Caz btw.” I suddenly heard a lot of random people shout hello Caz and Talia. Most of them sounded kind of drunk. This was going to be a long night.

A/N sorry this is a short chapter now onto Talia whoop for her introduction

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