I Think I'm In Love With A Sociopath

This is based on the "Masterpiece Mystery" Sherlock Holmes.

Chapter 1

We Meet

"Mikey? Mikey?!"
Someone was yelling at me and I had a pretty good idea who it was. "What Michelle?"
"We have company."
"I'll be there soon."
With a sigh, I capped my paint can, looked longingly at the Aston Martin I was rebuilding, slipped into some clean clothes and made my way into the living room.
"Mikey? Mikey, this is my boyfriend John. John, Mikey."
"Mikayla," I said with a sigh.
"I'm guessing there's a story behind that?"
"Do we have to hear it? Your stupidity is overwhelming."
It was now that I noticed the man reclining in my favorite chair.
"One: I wasn't going to tell it. Two: Who are you? And three: You're in my chair."
"Oh, Mikey. This is John's friend. I'm sorry, what was your name?"
"Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes."

I could also make it into a group story.

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