Special one by Randy, Morgan, Alataria, Katie, and Me(Zack)

A poem made by me and my friends about me and my special one which is Katie =)
Credits to Randy, Morgan, Alataria, Katie, and Me.

Chapter 1

Special One

Randy-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Give me a hint,
Just one little clue
To let me know why
I have a crush on you
Don't make me feel silly
Or worse, even shy
And I'll listen to what you have to say
If you just tell me why
Is it the way you listen,
and talk to me,
Or the look on your face
When I do something silly?
Is it the cute habits you have unlike no one else
That make me wish I could have you all to myself?
Morgan----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have been thinking of you all night
Peeking inside my window is morning light
I wish i was perfect for you too
I wish i was the one for you
I try and forget all these feelings
My heart is slowly healing
But when you call me
Why can't you see...
I feel like you're the only one for me.
But love can not be broken
Love can not be seen
Love can make a lady feel
like a royal queen

It seems like i'm in heaven
when i look into your face
You seem to be the key
To happinness in this cold place

I hope we will be together
But for now you just can't see
Everyday i see you
I feel like I am free.
Now I'm wrapped in your arms,
In my own little world.
You whisper sweet things,
And say I'm your girl.

Then when you look at me,
My whole world just stops.
It's like you read through me,
And see all of my thoughts.

You know my biggest secrets,
And you know all my flaws.
You see all there is,
Right through my walls.

It's scary sometimes,
The way you see everything.
But you still love me anyway,
And you accept what you see.
Me -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It's so hard to even describe this feeling
but you're the one I've been looking for all my life
now that I've found you
I can't let go
your my everything
can't sleep 'cause your always on my mind
can't pay attention in class 'cause I'm daydreaming about you
I don't know what to do
but I know I need you
I can't get you out of my head
I just want to be with you
Now come and walk with me,
many places we could go.
Come and walk with me,
there's much that you should know.

Come and talk with me,
there's so much I could tell.
Come and talk with me,
and help me break this shell.

Come and fly with me,
so high could we soar.
Come and fly with me,
I'll only love you more.

Come and sit with me,
I'll hold you till it's dawn.
Come and sit with me,
you're lovely as a fawn.

Come and dance with me,
such a joyous feeling.
Come and dance with me,
so warm and comforting.

Come and jump with me,
right over every wall.
Come and jump with me,
I'll catch you if you fall.

Come and be with me,
I wish to keep you near.
Come and be with me,
because being alone I fear.


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