The Abuse

The Abuse

This Has to stop!! STOP child abuse now!!! Also this story is not true plz comment me telling me if this made you cry or if you liked it if so I will make more chapters on other kids who have been threw so much.Thx for reading also Im not good at stories srry

Chapter 1

The Fighter

August 6th, 2008
Hello world.. My name is Cassie I'm 8 years old I live in Montana I have a baby brother named Ty he's 7 and our mommy and daddy hurt us. Mommy yells at us when we don't do nothin wrong, and daddy hits us with a belt or a whip and kicks us too. Ty and I are starting to school tomorrow and daddy says we tell anyone about what he or mommy does he will hurt us. I writin this so you guys know my story, Ty is sleeping rite now and...WAIT...DADDY...NOOOO!!!
August 7th, 2008
It's earlie in the mornin daddy saw me awake he punched me in my eye, I have a black eye now:(. It's almost time to go to school so I will have to leave if a few, when I get back I will tell you about it I'm excited for school, but Mommy told me not to make any friends or she will starve Ty and me. Mommy and Daddy always told us to stay away from other kids or we will be as bad as them, me and Ty never had a friend before not even an imaginary one, cuz if we did they would put us in a mental hospital watever that is, but I don't want to find out so I just going to listen to them. It's time for me and Ty to go to sckool so I will be back in a few hours ok? bye... Ok I back and promise not to tell anyone but I made a bunch of new friends at my school so did Ty. I made a friend named Bandy and another named Kayla they really nice to me and their really smart. If daddy found out he would be mad at me so this is going to be our little secret ok shhh:). I can't wait to go back to school now my teacher is so nice and pretty her name is Miss Sonny shes my favorite teacher ever! Ok I think I'm going to go to bed now so I will talk to you guys later ok nite.
August 8th, 2008
Hey guys I forgot to rite this mornin but alot happened, Ty accidentally told daddy we both made friends and daddy hit us with a bat on our backs. Ty couldnt go to school today becuz daddy hit him so hard it broke two of his ribs and he also kicked us in our tummies. I have a tummie ach but mommy said I still have to go to school. Me and Ty also have one black eye and last night after I got off the computer daddy and mommy both slapped me and I got a bloddy nose I started crying but, mommy told me to shut up and go lay down before she threw Ty out the window as she grabbed him by the leg and held him out the window of our house witch is two stories high. Me and Ty are both in our rooms rite now and I can hear Ty screamin in the upper bed room and Mommy hitting him and the thumps of daddy stomping on him and they yelling that I was next. uh o mommy is coming I got to go ill talk to you guys later if I can Bye.
August 9th,2008
Ow ow ow... OWWWW!!! MOMMY STOP IT!!!! evry one this is Ty, and this is wat sisy is creemin rite now, she told me 2 rite down evriethin she says and i heer evn if i spelded it rong. rite now i hear dadie telin momie to kep hitin sisy. now she sayin HELP SUMONE PWLZ WELP ME!!! AND STOP IT DADIE I HATE U GUEYES AND THEN....siwence...hold on evrybodie i going 2 chek on sisy.
August 10th, 2008
sniffle.. sniffle.. sisy isnt....sisy isnt....awive anymore momie and dadie threw her out the windoe her bodie is still out side momie and dadie killed sisy. I am the onwy one here i dont no wat to do sumone help me pwlz....TY GET THE HELL OFF THAT COMPUTER NOW (slap) LISTEN TO ME RITE NOW YOUNG MAN OR I WILL DO WAT I DID TO UR SISY RITE NOW (grabs by the leg walks to window and drops him) OH WAIT TO LATE THATS WAT YOU DESERVE YOU LITTLE PUNK!!!!! and thats the end srry it bad im terrible but this is just a warning that we got to stop child abuse b4 its to late


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