Revenge Is Sweeter Than Red Vines

This is a story written by me and millerfan101! Yay!
It follows the twins Mia and Rose DiLantos. I hope you enjoy it and comment please :D

Chapter 1

Meeting Our Future

Mia's POV

"This is so dumb, I can't believe they made us do this!" My twin sister Rose says and flips her long brown hair angrily.
I sigh and roll my eyes. "Rose, I know you're upset, for the love of God shut up! You've been whining and complaining ALL day long and you even told off the only person who spoke to us!"
"Please! The only reason she spoke to us was to get our vote for class president or something!"
"Would that really be so bad? So what is she want to be president? We could've been friends!" I tell her.
"Just shut up, Mia!" She snaps loudly, attracting the attention of a boy pulling books out of his locker.
"Sorry, excuse her," I whisper to him as we pass.
To say that my sister was pissed about moving was an understatement. I was annoyed, too, but not as much as her.
Around two months ago, our parents had suddenly decided to pack up and move to Michigan. Rose threw a fit. She yelled, kicked, and threw a hermit crab at me.
And now here we are, walking down the halls of our brand new school to lunch on our very first day.
"Rose," I begin, "I know that you're really upset, but if you keep being hostile it's gonna make it worse!"
"Ugh, do you have to be such a goody-two-shoes, happy-go-lucky girl? It's freaking annoying!"
I groaned inwardly. "Not as annoying as your bad attitude."
As we walk into the cafeteria, I immediately scan the room for two empty seats with relatively normal-looking people around them.
Unfortunatley, this lunchroom is crowded.
"Let's go grab some food," I say. We head over to long buffet tables filled with all sorts of cuisine.
"It smells disgusting!" Rose comments.
On the contrary, it smells and looks delicious.
I head over to grab two slices of bread to make myself a sandwich while Rose opts for a large burger.
"How do you eat that crap?" I ask her.
"It tastes good to me," She shrugs and scoops up some fries.
After I have assembled a world-class sandwich and Rose has finished making her heart attack on a plate, we make a beeline for the dessert table.
Sitting there all alone on an empty plate is a single chocalate chip cookie. Other goodies surround it, but I only have eyes for my favorite snack in the entire world.
I quicken my pace to the cookie. As I reach out my hand to pick it up, another hand swoops right under mine and shoves my snack right into an overlarge mouth.
Aw heeccckkkk no!
"Excuse me?"
The huge cookie thief in a varsity jacket smiles smugly at me. "Chill, I'm just hungry."
"And how is that an excuse to completely disrepect my sister?" Rose steps in and glares at him. And let me tell you this, if Rose wanted to, she could make Voldemort nervous. She can stare daggers!
"Think of it as more of a nice thing, I mean, I think I helped you. You could stand to lose a few pounds."
"Can you believe this, Rose?" I say. "So freaking cliche, getting insulted by a football-playing neanderthal on our first day of school!"
The guy shrugs and walks away without a car in the world.
I sadly take a sugar cookie and try not to cry. It's not that he upset me, I just cry when I'm angry. If I'm sad, I will not cry. If I'm pissed off, cue the waterworks.
"Don't cry," Rose balances her tray in one hand and hugs me with the other. "He's just a big jerk."
"I know," I look at my sad, plain sugar cookie. It looks all bare.
"I'll get revenge," She smiles mischieviously. "I'm already thinking of some ideas.."
"Oooh what?" I say eagerly.
"You'll just have to wait and see!"
Another great thing about having Rose as a sister is that she is incredible at pranking! She is a genius! That is one of her God-given talents. I feel bad for that poor guy now that Rose is after him. But not really.
Suddenly, I'm distracted by a dark-skinned boy standing up from a nearby table and coming over to us.
"Hi," He says shyly.
"Hello," I smile warmly at him, hoping it will get him more comfortable around us. Rose doesn't help the situation by staring at the wall defiantly, apparently determined to make no friends in Michigan.
"Hi," She says with absolutely no emotion.
"Don't mind her! She's usually very nice," I say nervously and elbow Rose. "Behave!" I hiss.
The boy chuckles and Rose finally looks at him full on. Her hard eyes start to soften. She's such a softie for cute guys, and this guy was nothing short of adorable.
"I'm AJ," He holds out his hand.
"Mia," I reply and shake his hand. Rose does the same.
"I saw Brett steal your dessert, so I thought I'd invite you over to our table. It's like a support group," He smiles. I notice he has superb dimples.
"We'd love to," I answer and follow him to a table that is already pretty much full.
"We'll make room," He tells me and instructs everyone to scoot over.
I take a seat next to petite girl with brown hair who introduces herself as Lauren.
Everyone goes around the table introducing themselves. They were... strange. Very different. Very original. Not afraid to be themselves.
I already loved them.

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