I don't know how many of you guys read this,but could you please read this one?

This is for Gabbie,post this,spread the word around,and send her a message with this in it! Please?

Chapter 1

I Have One Thing to Say to You...More Like a Million but,I'll Only Bug You With the Important One(s)

What do you think you're going to leave behind? A legacy? An epidemic?
No,all you're going to leave behind is a bunch of sad,angry,and destroyed people. How many people do you think we'll end up killing themselves off once you're gone? If you've ever wondered,you're the one who holds Quibblo together! You add life,spunk,and a whole bunch of swagg!(Don't know if I spelt that right...) Don't kill yourself please,I would be miserable and sad!

(The last sentence is a sentence of your own,something to help persuade her!)


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