For all those who care to read about my life.

For all those who care to read about my life.

I feal itll be a good way to vent whats going on in my life on hear to get it all out in the open. ^-^

Chapter 1

CRAP! Im so glad for Quibblo.

Dear Quibblo friends,
Today I got sick, causeing me all sorts of problems. Tomarow I wont be in school got a doctors apointment then maybe to the hospital. I was born with a cyctic hygroma it occures in every one in a million children at birth, mines in my face. Well its acting up and swelling. It really dose look sorta normal when its not swollen.
My mom and dad got rid of our dog. I cried for hours because he was like my best friend. But it was for my health, I cant have to much bacteriea(sp srry). So everything always needs to be uber clean but a dog can bring in things from outside that are harmful to me. I practically walk around in a sergical mask.
I cried today a lot. This girl from my old school came by and started shouting mean things about me outside, of corse none of it was true but it still hurt, my dad chased her away. At one point I was her friend, but then she just changed when we hit junor high and now shes just mean.

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