Nightmare Crane

Nightmare Crane

Another doctor gone mad :3

Chapter 1

What are you afraid of?

Fear me Gotham
Your my human subjects
My experiment into your minds
Suffocate in my mad gas
Fall to your deepest fears
I'm the chill down your spine
I dare to sleep tonight
My world is frighteningly real
Behold a criminal of terror
Not even Batman can escape my darkness
I'm the master of the night now
The doctor looking for new patients
Opening up your brain
Pulling out what you hide
What is a nightmare without scream?
The thought of your fears
The sights of your personal demons
Makes me want more...
Gotham my new world
I'll hurt you like a needle
One shot and you go crazy in mind
Haunted by my shadows of horror
Let your nightmare devour you whole
Feeling paranoid yet?
Let me strip out your fears
Then you can slumber with the dead
I'm the scare in your eyes
The reaper of your reality
A phantom in your dreams
I'm now your phobia
Every night a fright
Dread in every street and road
Panic in all children
Now suffer in madness
Our session has come to a end
Questioning your grip on reality?
You're all part of my experiment now

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