another dumb sad happy love story by the one and only halley:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz

sad funny creative and awesome a must read its my first story so let me know what ya think i'm not sure about it :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

the day he moved to town :)!!!!!!!!!!!

by: haylae21
It was a sad looking rainy day in darlington. just like any other day arianna rae was tired and sick of living in the same boring place i mean sure she had awesome friends and a rlly cute boy who lived at the other end of town (one prob tho he wanted nothing to do with her) lol just her luck. her life had always been the same since she was little. she'd lived in darlington Missouri her whole life.i mean she loved the country and most of the people she went to school at Albany and got made fun of everyday, but that was her life it'd been this way since sixth grade. over the last summer tho she couldn't believe it it'd gotten worse she didn't think it could but it did and it was on this crazy sad messed up rainy day that a new boy moved in the house a bout a block from arianna rae. tbc:)!!!!!!!!!!!!


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