Favorite Band Survey

Favorite Band Survey

Chapter 1

Fav. Band Survey

1. Name of the band:
- Rancid

2. How long have you been a listener?:
-Since 2002

3. Tell how you discovered them in 5 words or less. (gonna have to be vague):
-Word of mouth.

4. What country are they from?:

5. What language do they sing in?:
-English mostly, but there are some songs with Spanish in them.

6. Do you know how they became famous?:
-Well a lot of people followed Tim & Matt from the OPIV days...but they also got a lot of recognition in the '94-'95 days even though they'd been around some years before it.

7. What year did the band form?
- 1991, roughly.

8. who makes up the band?
-currently, Tim Armstrong (vocals/guitar -mostly), Lars Frederiksen (vocals/guitar), Matt Freeman (vocals/bass), and Branden Steineckert (drums)...Branden began playing for them sometime in 2006. Up until then, Brett Reed had been their drummer.

9. Ever been to one of their shows?
- A handful in the past 5 years (since I first saw them when I was 16 and they haven't made it around Boston much since).

10. What was the first and last CdDthey put out?
First full length (not demos): "Rancid" (1993)
Most recent: "Let the Dominoes Fall" (2009)

11. Do they have any DVDs released, if so do you own any of them?
- They've been on festival and compilation DVDs...I own one of those. They also have a Music Video DVD out, which I don't own.

12. Is this band a mainstream band?
- Some would consider yeah, but I think they're kind of half-n-half. Yes they're a big name in the genre now but the only song I've heard playing on radio stations near me (and I'm from a big city) is "Time Bomb" which came out in 1995.

13. Ever seen one of their videos on mtv/vh1/Fuse?
- Fuse when I still watched it...doubt they play much Rancid now. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I don't watch Fuse anymore.

14. How many cds of thiers do you own?
- All of them.

15. Do you own any of their singles?
I own their first demo, but no singles.

16. Do you have any band t-shirts for them?
I don't even remember how many. Let's put it this way - I began listening to them 10 years ago and have been periodically buying T-shirts since.

17. Name 5 of their songs that you can think of off the top of your head (doesn't matter if you like it or not):
- St. Mary
- Up to No Good
- Detroit
- Brixton
(I could probably name them all)

18. What is your favorite song by them?
- St. Mary has always been one of my favorites.

19. Favorite CD of theirs?
- All of them. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Life Won't Wait

20. How much would you be willing to pay to see them live?
- Considering I'm broke most of the time, no more than $50 (maybe more when I'm making more haha), but they've never cost me more than $25 to see them so far.

21. Who's your favorite member of the band?
- I love 'em all.

22. What instruments do they play?
-Typically guitar, bass, upright bass, drums...other instruments thrown in here in there, mostly brass stuff, harmonica, keyboard.

23. Do any of your friends listen to this band as well?
- Yeah some of them.

24. What clothing style do they wear?
- Just google them.

25. Post a photo?
-Here's one from a few years ago:

26. Do your parents like this band?
- My mom does and has actually gone to a show with me.

27. can you name all the songs that are on one of their cds?
- Probably all their CDs.

28. What other bands do you like that sound like this one?
- I don't know...some people may argue that other bands the guys have been in (OPIV, Transplants, Lars & the Bastards, Devil's Brigade, Old Firm, etc.) have sounded like them...but I think that's just people not looking past the vocalists.

29. Is their CD in your CD player right now.?
- i don't have a working cd player right now. so the Cds are in their cases. <- same

30. Do you have their music on your ipod/zune/whatever?
- Of course.

31. Do you have anything autographed by them?
- No, just photos with a few of them.

32. Least favorite song by them?
- There's no song I hate by them. that's why they're my fave. <- yep.

33. Last time you listened to them?
- I'm listening to them now, because of this survey but last time...maybe a week or so ago.

34. Ever been in a mosh pit at one of their shows?
- Yes.

35. Where they more famous when you started listening to them, or are they more famous now?
- Oh definitely. They'd been around (in Rancid) for about 11 years by the time I began listening to them.

36. What's a song of theirs you can listen to on repeat without getting bored?
- Cocktails most recently. Give me more harmonica!

37. Are you listening to them now?
-Yep, I am.

38. on a scale of 1-10 rate your knowledge of the band.
-I'd strongly give myself a 9.5...I'm sure there's something I might not now.

39. Ever wrote about them for a school paper?
-I've used one of their songs in a school project.

40. What color are the main singer's eyes?
- http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/B1z32X8XONS.SL600.jpg

41. How many band members are there in the band?
- 4 current members. 1 former member.

42. Can you name them all and what they play?
-I did this already.... <-exactly.

43. what genre is their music?
punk with hints of ska in there

44. If I went to a cd store would i be able to find their cd?

45. Where do you buy most of their band merch?
- Various places.

46. Did anyone get you into this band? who?
- Other bands mentions and interviews and online stuff

47. Do you own any movies with their music featured in it?
- Don't own any, no.

48. If this band broke up, would you cry?
- I'd highly doubt this would happen...they took a break not too long ago, but that was just to do things they wanted away from Rancid and just have time off. I'd definitely be upset since I never want new Rancid music to stop coming, however I think they'd all be making music somewhere else (since about a dozen bands have come out of their projects) that I'd be content with that.

49. Second fave band next to this one?
-Either the Clash or Operation Ivy.

50. How much has this band influenced you?
-Quite a lot. I got into them when I was 12 and they really cemented one of my tastes in music. I think more than influenced me, I grew up listening to them and I connected with them. A lot of their lyrics (many and most of which had been inspired by Tim's life) applied to what I was going through at that time in my own life (and kind of still am dealing with now). And you can think, how on earth could you relate to something like that at 12? Well..I was dealing with really adult problems at that point in my life. There really isn't a bad out there that I made such a connection with..or a musician like Tim Armstrong. That and of course I loved their style of music so that just sealed the deal. - I could say a lot more than just 50 questions worth.


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