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Janie Parker is a girl who always ends up with the wrong guys. Everytime, she needs the support of her best friend, Mark, to back her up when she breaks up with them. She just got out of a relationship when a new boy comes to school. He is a celebrity actor wanting a normal life and his world collides with Janie's life... read to find out what happens :)

Chapter 1

Janie feels herself clinging onto Mark, escaping Harry's broken face.

"I'm sorry Harry, I fell out of love with you a while ago. I've been already dating Mark."

"I don't believe you," Harry says, completely devastated. Janie gives him a soft smile.

"I didn't want to hurt you, which is why I didn't tell you untill now. I'm sorry." Harry looks at Mark with daggered eyes. Janie sees the blood boiling inside him and he is about to punch Mark when Mark trips him. Harry falls to the ground in a hard thud and groans in pain. Janie feels like she should help him, but she knows that if she does, then Harry will think that she still cares. And she doesn't, does she?

"Bye Harry." Janie pulls Mark away and they walk to their first class together.
"I hate defending myself when your ex-boyfriends decide to punch me," Mark says, a little annoyed.

"That's why I love you, bestie." Janie steps in front of him and walks in the classroom first. When she walks in, she sees everyone crowding her desk.

What is going on? She is about to reach her desk when the class nerd approaches her.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe that he came to this school! AHHHH! I am so excited." Janie has never seen Amanda this excited.

"Calm down, everything is going to be all right. Just tell me who is in my seat."

"Josh Landurm!!!!!!!! Don't you know him? He is the hottest teen actor ever. Apparantly he needs a year break off acting to get a normal teen life. I always knew that my prince charming would come and fall in love with me." Janie raises an eyebrow. Usually, she is in with all of the newest things, which is why everyone knows her. But she has NEVER heard of Josh.

Too bad he doesn't know the rules of the school. They might've been good friends if he hadn't took her seat. She moves in between the remaining spaces and reach her desk.

"Yeah, new kid? You are in my seat." After the brunnette shakes another girl's hand, he turns to face Janie. Janie's bottom lip drops a little when she sees him. No wonder the girls are all over him. His bright and bold eyes would catch any girl. Janice shuts her mouth and snaps out of it. "I sit here. Can you move?" He smiles with his white teeth and Janie feels herself become more angry. Does he think he could get away with a cute smile? When he finally notices that she isn't moving, he stands up and moves to the seat next to her. The crowd switches places and crowds around the desk. Janie rolls her eyes and sits down just as the bell rings. Everyone is still chatting and hanging around Josh because the teacher seems to be late to class. Janie quickly takes out her drawing pad and opens to a new page. The loud room is not good for reading, so the only logical thing to do is draw. She looks around the room and sees inspiration, Mark. She starts to outline his head's shape and then starts to draw his hair. That's how Janie draws, from top to bottom. She finishes a quick sketch of his hair and starts on his one eye that she can see. She looks down on her sheet and erases a few smudges. When she looks back up Mark is looking at her. He smiles and points to her sketch book. Janie shakes her head and motions him to move his head. He laughs quietly and shakes his head. Janice pushes out her bottom lip, begging for him to turn. He smiles and turns to the position that he was previously in. Janice continues drawing when her teacher walks into the classroom.

"Good morning class. Please everyone, take your seats." One by one, the students find their seats. "I see that you all have noticed our new student, Josh Landurm. I completely understand why some of you might have hovered over his desk. However, not paying attention when I talk is completely different." After Janie hears that, she halts her pencil and looks up. The teacher is directly looking at her. Janie cringes and is about to put it away when the teacher comes to the back and collects it.

"Janie, this is quite good. Even though, I can't let you go for this offense. I'll be keeping this."


"No buts. And since you already popped one out, why don't you be the polite girl to show Mr. Landurm around."

"There are other people in the class that would love to do that more than me, sir. I wouldn't want them to miss out on such an amazing oppurtunity."

"And I don't want you to miss out on such an amazing oppurtunity. One more word and you will join a couple of students in detention."

"But, sir!"

"All right. Two days of detention starting this afternoon. Any other remarks Miss Parker?" Janie finally does the smart thing and shuts her mouth. Class continues as a blur and she does all that she needs to. Janie doesn't have the time for detention. Coach is going to kill her, especially since it is two days of detention. The bell finally goes off and Janie bolts up, heading directly for the teacher's desk.

"Sir, I am on the lacross team and there is practice every day after school. Our competition is coming up soon though and no players can afford to lose a meet."

"Well then, Janie, you should have thought of that before you became a smart-aleck. Now I suggest you explain to your coach the situation and he or she will completely understand." Janie is about to protest when the teacher cuts her off. "Also, Josh is right behind you and really needs to get to his next class. Can you please direct him to it? That will be all." Janie is about to say something when the teacher looks up at her. "That will be all." Janie frowns in frustration and storms out the door.

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