Alive (a poem)

This is a poem I wrote for my friend who's parents are splitting up :) Love you CareBear!!!!

Chapter 1

A poem of hope

There are times when you fall. When you don't have the strength to go on.
Times when you want to lay down and die, times when the end of the world is near.
Times when you need a hand when there is no one there to lend one.
There are times when you want to run, as fast as you can away from your past, desperate for a better future.
These times are indeed sad

But then there are times when you smile. You shine with the light of the world in your eyes. You uncontrollably laugh. When we have fun, and we dance toward our future which we know is bright. When we face our problems and conquer. These are times we charish. These are the times when we are alive, and not just living.

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