I am having trouble with my enobaria story and my black vs white french girl story because well I just need help so either message me or comment some ideas thxs

Chapter 1

Help me plz

by: lizzy1289
Enobaria the vampire the hunger games character:
Alright once they get to the train after that should the prep team realize she has contacts on or not? Does the interview come the second day like after they get on the train or how long? I need some awesome names for other tributes so r there any female and male names that would be really,cool for the hunger games?

Black vs white:
What should the revenge be for the mean populars and it has to be embarrassing and funny and a bit complex? When and where should it happen? Who or what will lead them to this trap or prank kind of revenge?

Alright thxs I will try to use ur answers so thxs a lot have a nice day! And may the odds ever be in your favor! :D


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