Gimme some sugar, baby!

Gimme some sugar, baby!

:3 why so serious? lol X3

Chapter 1

Call me Harley

A day to remember
When Arkham welcomed me
With open arms...
Walking down the halls
Filled with monsters
One complete madness
Yet no fear within my body
Just excitement of the extreme
The thrill of the terror in Gotham
Ready to enter the mind of the mad
Only to sit face to face with a clown
Guess the joke was on me
My first with the city fool
One wicked sense of humor
Playing with me like a toy
Then giving me flowers
One funny valentine I have
The more I question
He sit just laughing
Taking my name for a smile
Yes, like the clown..I heard of it
I'm not that mad to think of any of it yet...
But the more I'm with him...
The more I fall...
Deeper in the hole Alice once did
Entering a mind of insanity
He is so disturbing...
Then very alarming...
A strange choice of charm
I'm loving every bit of it
Taking my breath away
I'm lusting for the twisted
Its so sick just by thought
But I'm loosing mind anyway...
Feeling like I was trapped inside
My savior the most wanted man ever
Gonna escape with my love
Teach the bat a lesson
For Mistreating my one and only man
Have a bat to kill tonight
The doctor is officially out...
Harley Quinn has arrived!
Look out Gotham...
A new bomb of laughs is here!
This my mad game of love
The loser will be you B-man
You nothing but a dead bat when I'm done!
But for now I'll laugh into the sunset with Mistah J
Bye bye bats! blow kiss My pudding needs his Harley!

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