You know you're obsessed with Death Note when...

:) Readsies and all that please!

Chapter 1

:0 I'll give you the strawberry if you can keep a secret, okay?

1. You spend hours online looking at everything Death Note related
2. You created a fan site
3. When you accidently read/saw a spoiler, you got the urge to go kill your sister's stuffed animals
4. When L died, you ditched it for at least a week
5. You sometimes sit like L (Um...I always sit like L....except in public.)
6. You sometimes leave apples around the house in hopes that they'll disappear
7. You made/bought a Death Note and actually write names in it
8. You would give up your arm or leg to bring L (or Light) back to life
9. You get a dog and name it Ryuk or Rem
10. If someone you know has a heart attack, you vow to find the Kira who did it (Maybe if someone I knew actually did have a heart attack)
11. You pretend that you have Shinigami eyes and tell people how long they have left to live (naturally, you tell your enemies they only have a week)
12. You never wear shoes anymore
13. You put percentages in most of your sentences (EX: "Honey, would you like tuna casserole for dinner?" "I am 83.4% sure that I would not like tuna casserole")
14. You think Matsuda's cute
15. You ask for a full name whenever you meet someone
16. Afterwards, you ask for a government-issued ID to prove it. After seeing it, you scream "I'VE WON!!!"
17. You start saying "OH MY KIRA!!!"
18. Your ringtone is Light's Kira laugh. You play it during quiet, suspenseful moments in scary movies.
19. You hear L's theme song whenever you're solving a problem
20. Every time you eat potato chips, you say "I'll take a potato chip... and EAT IT!!!"

In addition to all this, I also answer the phone like roommate is just like wtf?!


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