64th Annual Hunger Games (A Fanfiction)

I love the Hunger Games, as I'm sure many Quibbloers do. Here is a litle fanfiction I came up with. It may not be that accurate or that GOOD, but hey, it was fun making it!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: Whizzeyes
The streets of District 4 were alive that night. It was the night before the Reaping and all the careers were psyched up, ready to volunteer for what they had been trained for their entire lives.
Ralin watched the celebrations go past his window. Born into a moderately rich family, he was never really hungry but was no career. His father was a fisherman but his mother had been executed for leading a small rebellion when he was three years old.
'Excited?' his father asked him with a smile. Ralin and his father looked a lot alike, both with black curly hair and brown eyes. Their lightly tanned skin was tough like leather from working out in the sun and the waves.
'Not really,' Ralin confessed. 'It's the Reaping tomorrow.'
'Even if your name does get drawn, it's no big deal. The careers will volunteer over you.'
'How'd you know?'
His father laughed. 'They're careers, Ralin.'
'They don't like me. Not for what I did yesterday...'

It was hot. Too hot for Ralin's liking as he stood in the shallows of the sea, spear poised, ready to fire at an unsuspecting fish. He gritted his teeth, trickles of sweat running down his face and back. The sun beat down aggressively and he began to lose hope of finding a meal.
'Hey, loser!' someone shouted. It was a boy, about 16, two years older than Ralin. He had fair hair and dark green eyes with muscled shoulders and an air about him which weeped of arrogance. A career. 'Looking forward to the Reaping?'
'You've got no honour! That's your problem.' The boy approached him and splashed water in his face. The salt stung his eyes but Ralin didn't retaliate. He continued to watch the waves.
'Speak!' the boy yelled. He hit Ralin hard in the stomach viciously. Ralin gasped for breath and kickd out wildly. His heel caught the boy's hip, a glancing blow but one to aggravate him even more.
'That's it!' he bellowed, looking like a bull as he charged, his shoulder catching Ralin hard in the chest and knocking him into the water. Ralin coughed as water gushed into his mouth and nose and the career took advantage, grabbing Ralin's head and ducking him.
Ralin tried to breathe but nothing came in. He felt his lungs burn as they had only filled up halfway with air. He struggled, letting loose precious bubbles. A sense of eerie calm came over him as the last few drops of air left his lungs. He relaxed.
No! I won’t give in. I need to fight my way up! The words fuelled Ralin and he attacked, his lungs nearly caving in on themselves. He felt himself leave the water and took in breaths as he pumelled the career to the ground with new-found strenght. He felt the boy's nose break and the sight of blood made him hunger for more.
'I shamed him,' Ralin said to his father, the story finished. 'I let him live, but...if I get picked, nobody will volunteer.'
'That's true. But you're one name in thousands. What are the odds?'
Ralin didn't answer that.

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