Tips on Writing a Quibblo Story

I though I would write a piece about writing stories here on Quibblo. I know these things make a huge difference to me when it comes to choosing the stories that I will read. Enjoy, and I hope it helps!

Chapter 1

How To Make Your Story Look Good

For those of you who have written stories, I'm sure that you've wanted to get more readers. I like to read stories on Quibblo, but there will be very slight things that might change my mind and stop me from reading the story. Sometimes they are obvious, so I skip the story altogether. Here are some tips I've come up with to make your story more desirable.

1. Capitalize Your Title Correctly. If you name your story "my heart beats for you ~ a harry potter love story", chances are people won't pick that to read. I wouldn't. But if you name it "My Heart Beats For You ~ A Harry Potter Love Story", it looks much neater and likable.

2. Punctuation, capitalization, spelling. A few mistakes is okay. You can't be expected to catch everything, or know the English language by heart. But you can avoid "oh my Gosh tyler had to dance like craazy today!". It's easily fixed. Also, don't write a sentence with everything capitalized. "Oh My Gosh Tyler Had To Dance Like Crazy Today!" is hard to read after the first few lines.

3. Abbreviation cn b rly annoying. Abbreviation is great when you're texting and you want to type something quickly, but it is never good in a story. "U 'n i should go 2 macy's afterskool." never looks good. "You and I should go to Macy's after school." looks neater and more professional.

4. Spacing. This isn't a huge issue and you don't have to do this, but I do this in my stories because I think it makes it easier to read. Whenever I start a new paragraph, I put a space in between. The same goes for dialogue. Here's an example:

"Want to go to the park today?" Lily asked.

"Sure," I replied. "Maybe we'll see Pat."

Spacing makes it easier to read the story and more enjoyable.

5. Run-on sentences go on for a long time and they get really annoying you really need to add some commas. Avoid these. They are very difficult to read and if a story has too many of them, I stop reading. "Hanging out at the mall today was really fun I want to do it again sometime do you?" is easier read as "Hanging out at the mall today was really fun, I want to do it again sometime. Do you?".

6. Proofread. It never hurts to check your work. Even when I already have chapters up, I go back and re-read them, sometimes finding mistakes I hadn't seen before. Check and double-check. If you do that, you'll be fine.

I hope you enjoyed this! Pass it on to your friends, or not, but I hope this helped!


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