The Way I Feel For You (A StarKid story)

This is a group story between me and Katy (Txranger36)
And it's about StarKid!
Hope y'all like it!

Chapter 1

To the other side of the world

I did it.
I ran away.

I climbed off the bus and sat down in the shelter, dumping my luggage beside me.

I hadn't brought much with me to Chicago. Just some clothes, prized possessions and money.
The rest I had left with Aaron, in New Zealand.

I don't know why I chose Chicago.
It just appealed at the time.

Sighing, I looked down at my watch.
I needed somewhere to stay, and needed to find it fast. I got to my feet, and started walking, glancing down at my phone for directions.

It had been summer in NZ. I realized how underdressed I was for the Chicago winter I was as rounded a corner. Shivering, I pulled my cardi on.

And then I walked into something.
Or rather, someone.

I toppled over, my bags spilling out of my hand.
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!"
But as I hit the ground, everything went black.


Sun was streaming through the open window, and it blinded me as I blearily opened my eyes.

I was lying in bed, in an unfamiliar room. Blinking to rid my eyes of sleep, I took in my surroundings.
The walls were painted a pale blue colour and were covered with posters. I smiled as I saw the one of Zac Efron.

I still didn't know where I was. I wrenched the duvet off me and swung my legs out of bed. My bags sat in the corner of the room.

Cautiously, I crossed to the door and opened it. The hallway outside was empty, so I tiptoed down the stairs.

As I reached the bottom, I heard raised voices.
"They're all gone! Joey you need to stop eating!" That was a girl's voice.
"What! You can't tell me to stop eating! I came here to visit you guys. You have to give me food." A man replied.
"Yes but you don't have to eat a whole packet of chips by yourself, Richter." A different male voice said this, sounding exasperated.
"I can't help-" The last sentence was interrupted when I pushed the door open.
Four people stood in the kitchen.
A girl around my age held a scrunched up chip packet in her hand and was glaring at a taller dark haired man with a crooked jaw: that must be Joey.
The other people in the kitchen were both male, one skinny with brown hair, and the other taller, with a hat.

They all looked around at me.
"Oh hey, it's that girl you knocked over." The man with the baseball cap remarked to the skinny brunette.
The girl smiled at me.
"Hi! I'm Katy!"
I smiled weakly back at her.
"Who are you, and where am I?"

The three boys laughed. The one with the cap extended his hand to me.
"Joe Walker at your service ma'am."
The tall guy with the crooked jaw chuckled. "I'm Joey Richter."
"And I'm Brian. Brian Holden." The last boy said with a grin.

"And as for where you are, welcome to Starkid manor!" Joe crowed.

"StarKid?" I said, confused.

"Yeah, StarKid." Katy said. She turned to Joe. "Do you wanna go get more chips? Leave these two to fill her in?"

Joe smiled at her, and I saw a look being exchanged between Brian and Joey, and he followed Katy out of the room.

"So what did you say your name was?" Brian asked.
"I didn't." I replied. "It's Charlotte."

Joey grinned. "Charlotte. That's pretty. Charlotte... Char! I'll call you Char."
I smiled back at him.
"So what's StarKid?"
The two boys I had known for barely five minutes exchanged a look.
"There is gonna be a lot of explaining in this story..."
I grinned, and sat down on one of the kitchen stools.
"I'm listening..."

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