The Way I Feel For You (A StarKid story)

This is a group story between me and Katy (Txranger36)
And it's about StarKid!
Hope y'all like it!

Chapter 2

A New Friend

I was wandering aimlessly through the busy streets of Chicago late one afternoon. People who were just getting off of work were rushing by, worrying only about what they needed to do next and not even paying attention to the beauty that surrounded them.

It was still a little chilly, though. As a huge gust of wind came barreling through the streets, I tightened my coat around me and lowered my head against the strong force.

But as I rounded a corner, I suddenly crashed into someone, knocking them over onto the ground.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed as I bent down to help the girl up.

But she wasn't moving. I called to her several times, asking if she was alright, but I soon realized with horror that I had actually knocked her unconscious.

Oh, great. What am I supposed to do now?

Thinking quickly, I pulled out my phone and dialed a number.

"Hellooo?" a friendly voice rang on the other end of the line.

"Joe, I need your help! I think I just killed somebody! Or really she's just knocked out, I guess, but still... You have to come help me!"

"Okay, okay! Just calm down, I'll be there in a minute."

About 10 minutes later, Joe arrived. Not knowing what else to do with our mysterious young stranger, we finally decided on taking her back to the manor until she awoke. She didn't look like she was from the area anyway, and it looked like she had all of her bags with her so she probably didn't even have a place to stay.

When we got back to the manor we took her into Joe's room and laid her down on the bed carefully, placing her bags in the corner of the room. With nothing to do now but wait, we went back downstairs to watch some television and anticipate the arousal of our new friend.


"They're all gone! Joey, you need to stop eating!" I yelled at my friend. I was excited to have him visiting from L.A., but that didn't mean he could clean out the whole pantry, my favorite chips in particular.

Brian and Joe were there, too, and we all continued to argue until I thought I heard a noise coming from the stairs.

Suddenly, the strange girl burst through the door and into the kitchen, confusion clearly etched across her face.

We all stared at her until Joe finally spoke. "Oh hey, it's that girl you knocked over!"

I smiled at her and introduced myself. Her face still showed utter confusion as she asked where she was.

Looking over to Joey and Brian, I smirked as I saw both of their reactions to the new, pretty house guest. She was definitely going to be welcome here.

Leaving Joey and Brian to fill in Charlotte, or "Char" as Joey called her, I grabbed Joe and dragged him with me to the store to get some more chips.


"How come you made us leave?" Joe asked me as we walked down the grocery aisles of the nearest Target.

"Oh, I think Joey and Brian wanted to get to know Charlotte a little better" I said with a laugh. "Plus I just wanted to spend some more quality time with my best friend." I smiled up at Joe and he grinned back down at me.

Joe and I had been best friends since high school. We decided on the same college together, even though we were majoring in different things. Joe was a theater nerd, and I was a math geek. But as soon as StarKid began to take off and the group decided to move their base to Chicago, I found myself following in their footsteps.

I lived in an apartment only a few blocks away from StarKid manor, even though I spent most of my time at the manor instead. I loved being near all my friends, and I was so proud of all their success. But I still would become a little depressed when their busy schedules wouldn't allow me to spend nearly as much time with them as I would've liked, Joe in particular.

Joe and I still spent as much time together as we could, and I couldn't help being aware of the feelings I had for him as they grew stronger every day. I had liked Joe ever since we first met in our freshman year of high school, although I would never admit that. We were best friends, and that was all.

"So, what do you think of Charlotte?" I asked him casually.

"She seems nice. I like her" Joe replied.

"Yeah, me too. We didn't think to ask her where she's from, though. She had an accent, maybe Australian?"

"I dunno. Maybe we should get back to the manor and find out, before Joey or Brian scares her off."

"Yeah, that's a good idea."

We continued down the aisle until I spotted my chips, and I grabbed them excitedly off the shelf. Suddenly, Joe took off running as he yelled over his shoulder, "Last one to the register has to pay!"

I rolled my eyes at his childish behavior, but still laughed and ran off after him.

Today was turning out to be a very interesting day...


Yay, new story!
Chalotte's first chapter was awesome! Hope this was okay too.
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Thanks for reading!

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