Best April Fool's Day Pranks. EVER.

Just a list of my favorite pranks to pull today, on April 1st.

Chapter 1

Haha Hi

Okay so I pulled most of these today already, but to help encourage the April Fool's Day spirit, I will supply you all with a list of simple yet very amusing pranks. You probably know most of them already, but read anyway! ;-)

1. Deflected. (Plastic wrap the door) Now this doesn't literally mean tape clear plastic wrap to the door, but around the door frame so it looks like it isn't there. It is a bit difficult to ensure the plastic won't stick to itself, so you should do this to a sleeping persons' bedroom door. They will be too tired to notice they are walking into a trap! So, the victim opens the door, and tries to walk out. But, they just bump into the plastic, unless they are so big and rip it. To make sure that it looks invisible, face the smooth side of the plastic to the door so that's what they see. Tape it to all sides of the door frame so it is stretched out evenly and perfectly invisible.

2. Did you just wet yourself? This prank is very old and simple and one of my favorites! All you need is some sort of container (bucket, plastic cup, tubaware, bowl, etc.) Filled with warm water. You must sneak into the sleeping victims bedroom or wherever they are catching slumber. If they are a light sleeper, you should pray their arm is hanging of the edge of the bed. If they are a heavy sleeper, just move them gently so their arm is hanging off. Dip their hand into the warm water and keep it there. They are going to pee themselves. So either stay and watch or run like he[B]l[/B]l. The reason they urinate is because the average person sleeps for 8 hours. During this time, digestion is taking place and 8 hours is plenty of time for liquid waste to fill the urinary bladder. So, when you wake up, you usually have to pee. The warm water triggers their body into having the pee rush out at the touch. Its quite interesting actually! Just be sure they don't have white sheets! Haha.

3. Look out below! This prank is very very very simple. Take a disposable cup. If you don't have one then you can use styrafome. Or your out of luck. So depending on how much of a mess you plan on cleaning up, you fill the cup with any of the following: water, confetti, packing popcorn, shredded paper, or the dumbest: nothing. People use nothing because a person will sense the cup falling so they will probably duck for cover and not get hit at all. Water is my personal favorite. Prop it atop a door that is ajar. If it opens to the inside, they need to be on the inside when they close it. The cup will be hit by the top of the door frame and fall onto them. It is vice versa for a door that opens to the outside.

4. You've got a little shmutz. So all you need for this is eye makeup and the victim. Take any dark eyeshadow or eyeliner and darken a finger with it. As in coat where you would be fingerprinted from on one finger. Do this only a minute or two before contact with the victim. Plainly say, "U have something on your face." They probably don't but say it anyway. Offer to get it for them and before the refuse, swing into action. Take your marked finger and rub it on the spot that the dirt is supposedly on. You rub it into a funny smear or circle and inform them you got it. Hopefully, they are going out in public after your convo with them. Let em figure out you just made it much much worse.

5. There's a rat in my cabinet! So for this prank you need a piece of string or ribbon and a small stuffed animal. All you have to do is tie the string around the animal and firmly tape the other end of the string or ribbon to the inside of the cabinet. Place the stuffed animal inside. Once the victim opens the cabinet, the animal will spring out and "jump" on them. Its pretty funny really. They usually scream and pout but then the occasional guy that ruins all the fun just laughs. For people like that, keep a glass of ice water on the side to pour on them when they ruin your fun.

6. Oops, my bad. You will need a cup filled with ice water, any type works, and a little thumbtack or pin. Tell the victim you can pin a glass of water to the wall. When they take you up on your challenge (they so will) prepare to do so. Then, "accidentally" on purpose drop the pin. Ask them kindly to pick it up. If it is a sibling, they will say no you pick it up so this prank works best on friends or parents that like pranks. As they bend over, take the glass of water and pour it all over them. Quickly place the cup down and RUN FOREST RUN!!!

Well, I have a million more, but I don't feel like writing them. So I hope you have fun today. For more pranks, just go to


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