If I die young -a hunger games fanfic

from the pics of three tributes: Jemma,Hallie,Nira
Jemma Sadie Donovan

Chapter 1

Jemma's pov- the reaping

I wake up to my sisters running around my room, getting ready. I groan. The reaping. Of course has to be on my birthday. I roll out of bed onto the floor. Bretta pulls me up and leans me against the chair. "thanks lil Sis" I say. After we are all clean and brushed, mom presents our clothes: dresses for the younger girls and a shirt and a short skirt for me. I refuse to wear dresses. My sisters and I walk into the kitchen where my brothers are sitting. Mom gives us each a thin slice of bread and some water. After were done, I go to meet my best friend before the reaping. "going out !" I yell to my mom who's feeding the dog. "see you at the reaping then" she replies. "bye Jemma" my three sisters say. I walk out the door and jog two streets away to my friends house. Emeralds mom Carissa answers the door. "hi jem. You look nice. Em is upstairs. " Carissa says. "thanks". I run up the stairs to emeralds room. She's still asleep."emerald!!!" I shout as I flick her toes. "why are you in my house?" she mumbles. I shrug. Finally I wake her by rolling her off the bed. "meeehhhh!!"em hisses. "getup" I reply. She gets dressed while I wake her younger brother up.
Why are these people such heavy sleepers?! Em comes down the stairs in a pink dress. Carisa hands her a plate of food and a cup of tea. She offers me some but I refuse. I had all that tension before the reaping. It drives me nuts. Eventually em finishes and we walk to the town square. The mentor Cherry is there with the announcer lady Sissy Lavine. She has red purple and black curly hair. "she's weirder than last year!!" em whispers. I nod. We walk to the 15yearold section after checking in. "welcome !" sissy says before her annoying long and boring speech. Finally she decides she has tortured us enough. "ladies first" she says sticking her hand in the first bowl. Don't choose my sisters. Please please please. I repeat in my head. Finally sissy pulls a piece of paper out. "Emerald Winchester". I curse and look at em who's wide eyes and hyperventilaning. She wouldnt last a second in that arena! She's rich and used to having everything go her way. I sigh. " I voulenter as tribute!" I yell to sissy. Emerald stares at me and shakes her head. "no no no" she whispers clutching my arm. I pull away. I walk up to the stage. "hiya. " I say. Sissy looks at my hair truly disgusted by my lack of hairspray. " oh right. Name?" she asks. "Jemma Donovan ". "now boys" she sticks her hand in the second bowl. "Josh Mourney." a boy with blue eyes walks up. "shake hands" sissy says. We shake hands and are led to the mayors house. We sit in a room, presumably an office. My family comes in with emerald. James comes over to Me. " find food water and shelter. Only make allies if your willing to kill them. Be careful and stay alive" he says. I nod. My little sisters come over. "why do you have to go gemmy?"nutmeg asks. "I'll be back soon" I reply. Em comes over and starts to cry. Oh please. "see you soon" I say awkwardly. "bye". And then they are all escorted out into the hall. Bye.

Sorry it's kinda short. :) Lexis gonna do her pov now

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