Thanks For Kidnapping My Heart- JERK.

Evelyn Summers is Kidnapped.
A young man belonging to a gang called "skull" is responsible for it.
Follow her story as she travels around the world, falls in love and fights for her survival. Does she get to live, does she escape? READ ON.
(A better description coming soon).

Chapter 1

Introduction Chapter.

Introduction Chapter.

Evelyn Summers yawned. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed, texting her best friend.
She looked up at the black rimmed clock hung on the wall. It showed 2:30 AM. Evelyn sighed.

She saw a text in her phone, It read:
"Hey, So u saw the new kid at school? Some guy called James?"

She closed her eyes and tried to remember. She distinctly remembered a guy with long brown hair and an orange shirt. She remembered the shirt because there was a green day print over it.
She texted back : "Yeah.. LOL Chips is trying to get under my bed sheets."
Chips was her kitten.



Evelyn smiled and fell into her bed. She buried her face in the pillow and sighed contentedly.


3 roads away, a man stood with a knife safely tucked inside his pocket. His heart racing wildly, just as it always did when he was on the "job."
His brown-black hair was more messy than usual. He knew that his job that day was not going to be easy. Alan Summers was the richest man in the area. He must've had at least 4 bodyguards around.

His partner in crime, Alex leaned against their 4x4 range rover.

"Fourth time huh?" Alex asked.
The man nodded.
"What did you say your name was?" Alex asked.
"Nathan Wood."
"Okay, so here's the plan Nathan. We go till their neighbour's house in our rover. Its not that early, so hopefully there wont be any gardeners around.
Next, we get off and go on foot. There are exactly 7 cameras around. I take them out with my sniper.
That's when we move in. The gate's not that hard to get through. We have to move fast though, they will know something's up as soon as we bust the cam's...."

Nathan let the rest of the plan travel over his head. They had gone over this plan more than 30 times.

He was ready.


Author's Note: Hey! so, that's the intro. Hope you guys liked it. Comment if you did!
More coming soon!

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