A Fan's dream-Michael Jackson tribute/interview

A Fan's dream-Michael Jackson tribute/interview

A michael jackson interview, for all michael jackson fans! Enjoy and subscribe!
Follow the crazy interview with Felicia and Regina.

Chapter 1

Wanna be starting an interview!

Felicia: Oh my God! he's here! Gina he's here!
Felicia jumped on the hotel bed screaming in excitement at their big day interviewing the legendary King of Pop.
Regina: Felicia, you're going to get us kicked out, get down from there.
Felicia jumped down and turned on her ipod and blasted "Wanna be startin something" and began dancing and lip-singing. Regina couldn't contain her laughter and joined alongside her friend, they tried MJ's signature moves but failed... really I mean epic fail!
The phone ranged, Regina lowered the volumed and answered the phone.
"Hello" said Regina
"Hi, is this Regina?" said a voice
Regina: Yes, may I ask who's calling?
"Why don't you look outside your window and find out." replied the voice.
Regina sat down the phone and glided over to the hotel window, Felicia followed.
Regina and Felicia gasped as they saw Michael Jackson on the phone looking up, when he saw the girls, he waved and smiled.
Felicia: EEEEEEEE! Oh my God! it's... it's Michael Jackson!
Felicia ran over to the phone and picked it up.
Felicia: Mr. Jackson, come on up, we're on the 5th floor room 4C, i love you so much!
Regina took the phone.
Regina: Sorry Mr. Jackson, i believe my friend ate a little too much chocolate last night.
Michael: (Chuckles) that's alright, i'll be up in a little.
Regina: Okay, bye.
Regina went over the Felicia who was drooling over the window, she turned Felicia around to face her.
Regina: Felicia, we must not embrass ourselves, we must be smooth
Felicia: Like smooth criminals?
Regina: Yes, just like smooth criminals, not come one let's freshen up, and if you get the fangirl urge, breathe and be smooth.
Felicia: Breathe and be smooth... okay!
The girls quickly freshened up and put on their smooth criminal-esque jacket,shirt and pressed pencil skirts with flats on; Regina wore a white smooth criminal jacket, while Felicia wore a black one, she wore a green blouse while Regina wore a blue blouse. Regina let her Alicia Keys braids fall to her shoulders, Felicia pull her long curly black hair into a ponytail with her bangs on her forehead.
They heard a knock at the door, before they answered it, they said some final words.
Regina: Ready for this?
Felicia: Yes.
Regina: Remember like a smooth criminal.
Felicia: Like a smooth criminal.
With those words, the girl grabbed their bags and room key and strolled to the door smooth criminal style.

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