A Fan's dream-Michael Jackson tribute/interview

A Fan's dream-Michael Jackson tribute/interview

A michael jackson interview, for all michael jackson fans! Enjoy and subscribe!
Follow the crazy interview with Felicia and Regina.

Chapter 2

Mission: Smooth Criminal.... Mission failure!

Regina opened the hotel door only too see, a man in a suit with his female counterpart dressed in a white suit and red pumps.
MJ's driver: Hello ladies, Mr.Jackson's in the car waiting, we couldn't let him out it would cause commotion.
Regina: Excuse us for second...
Regina shut the door and glanced over at the window, she saw a man guarding the long limo away from crazed fans, Regina grabbed Felicia's arm and strolled out the door.
Regina: We're ready.
As they began walking through the hotel, Felicia pulled Regina close and whispered in her ear.
Felicia: Why did we go back inside?
Regina: To make sure they weren't going to kidnap us.
Felicia: Good thinking, I brought my perfume just in case someone has to get blasted.
Regina: With citrus scented perfume?
Felicia: Yeah blasted in the eyes.
The girls did their "Smooth Criminal Stroll" all the way to the limo, Regina kept the beat of the Smooth Criminal instrumental in head as she walked; The tall guy opened the door for them, as they thanked him Regina and Felicia got in and saw Michael Jackson peacefully sitting down next to a couple of people helping him with the tours and etc. however there was a free seat on the other side of Michael which the girls quickly took before "Red Pumps" (the lady in the white suit) got inside the limo. As the limo departed from the hotel, Felicia grabbed Regina's hand squeezing it as Michael began to talk.
Michael: So how you doing ladies?
Regina: Good
Felicia: Fabulous, how are you? :D
Michael: good, I like the outfits
Felicia: Just showing tribute to you Michael, uh do you mind if we call you that ?
Michael: Not at all.
Felicia giggled for 5 minutes until Regina smiled and giggled as well, the other people in the limo laughed at the awkward giggle-fest.
Regina: (quietly) This is going to be a long day...

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