My poems... WARNING: slightly depressing

Two poems I wrote... I'm not sure if they're good or not, and the 2nd is sort of a continuation of the first only slightly different, and yeah, I know, they're sorta darkish but... oh god I'm babbling. Hate when I do that.

Chapter 1


Their lives flash before my eyes.
Dead. Dead. Dead.
Their voices fill my head with lies.
Dead. Dead. Dead.
I can't find a way to be free.
Help. Help. Help.
Their lonely souls still torture me.
Help. Help. Help.
I want to help them find their way.
Go. Go. Go.
But still they want to stay and play.
Go. Go. Go.
Dead, they haunt me, take my soul.
Dead, they haunt me, go, go, go...

Alive, they haunt me, fill me with dread.
Alive, they haunt me, still not dead.
Alive, not dying, they call my name.
Alive, not dying, they all seem the same.
Alive, they call me, whispers, lies.
Alive, they call me, die, die, die...


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