The One

Poetry contest between Olive Rose and Team StarKid. it really sux....

Chapter 1

The Only Chapter so I Really Don't Understand the Point of a Chapter...

"The wind whistles through her hair

Angel dust sprouts from her wings

Her heart is pure

But her name no one knows I love

"The way her eyes twinkle

The way her smile flashes

The way she kisses my tender cheek

In my dreams

The way I wish she loved me."

Applause arose as Joe Walker stood under the StarKid poetry contest banner. He bowed and walked off the stage.

Brian Holden took the mike from the stand, "Alright. THAT-WAS-GOLDEN!" he sang into the crowd.

Joe blushed and glanced towards the one in which the wind whistles through her hair as an angel escapes her wings. The one pure of heart. The one no one knows he loves. The one in which her eyes twinkle and her smile is blinding. The one he wished really would kiss him. The one who will never grant his wish. The one up next.

"Our next contestant is the newest member of the StarKid family," Brolden paused for dramatic effect, "Olive Rose."

Everyone claps and hollers. All Walker could do was smile and wink when she looked his way and hope she saw. The 17 year old blonde with deep green eyes skips on stage, "He 'yall," she smiles and sees Joe winking at her, "my poem is called Shadows. I have to warn you it's not really that good.

"The light flickers across the plain

Every blade of grass casting a shadow

The shadows become longer

As the sun disappears

When it returns, no one knows

But shadows won't be far behind"

She looked out in the crowd as Darren started the ensemble of applause. All Joe could do was sit there with his mouth gaping open. She was so beautiful.


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