Just a love story (Twilight)

Just a love story (Twilight)

hiya so basically im just going to describe u you have green eyes that have lately becom more blue and blonde wavy hair thats acctually more strait as u have aged ur a stylish tomboy who is great at sports and acidemics so ur basically the envy of everyone

Chapter 1

The change

by: miwawoooo
beep beep we have now arrived in la push washington plz take all ur bags of the plane with u thank u, oh no the very nnoise u had been dreading this was really happening u parents had disappered and ur where moving in with ur god parents that u had never met. u got of the plane that u had just travelled from england on and went to meet ur cousin seth who u wished u where staying with but u mother had wished if she every not be around u go to ur god parents.after looking around for seth for around ten minutes u saw him stood next to four other guys u ran over to him and as he saw u he ran over to u to and lifted u of the ground as u hugged then when he finally put u down he introdused his friends
"_____this is quil"
"hey blondie"he said shacking ur hand
"its_____and hi" u replied relishing ur hand from his grip
"anyway this is paul jared n jacob"seth quickly finshed before anyone could interrut him again
"hi im jared n did it hurt when u fell from heaven"he said with a hug jokey smile on his face
"im paul n plz excuse jared he doesnt knw hw to act around beatiful ladys"u could feel ur self start to blush
"hiya im____
" u said to the by fair best looking jacob
"hi"he said with a surprised look on his face n suddenly seth n the others burst out laughing n jacob did what u thought was a growl which sort of shut them up. seth then grabbed ur bags and led u to the car where jacob had beaten u and held then door open for u with a smile on his face until paul n jared started laughing again n he growled again, u were sat in the passenger seat next to jacob who was driving it was a long silence until seth asked u
"so_____where do u want us to drop u of"suddenly jacob slammed down on the brakes
"WHAT shes not staying with u"but before seth could answer, u grabbed jacobs shoulder to stop him from shacking n replied with
"no im not"u said softly looking at jacobs nw less angry face as he began to drive
"so______where do u want me to drop u"
"urm do u nw where the.......(u reached into ur bag to find a peice of paper)here it is do u knw where the cullens is"screech jacob slammed on the brakes again
"jesus christ jacob do u knw hw to drive"jaco b payed no attention n looked u in the eyes
"y are u staying with them"he looked sad
"there my god parents i have to"u replied jacob replied even more angry nw n shacking like mad
"carm down jacob"said jared
"shut up jared so i have no way to stop u from staying with them"jacob said
but before u couls reply he had already opened the car door n slammed it scaring u u didnt knw what u were doing when u got out of the car after him and ran up to him u hugged him and when u looked up he was hugging back n looking into ur eyes n before u new anything u where kissing him so passionetly u never wanted it to end.ding dong u heard n u woke instantly
"hello this is ur captain speaking we have nw arrived in la push washington plz take all ur bags n exit the pland thank u"u heard the captain say, just a dream u thought but it felt so really u thought anyway u forgot about it n walked on to find seth so he could take u home when u found him he hugged u n picked u up n when he put u down he introduced u to his friends but there was only 3 quil jared n paul no jacob.ur car joreuny was pretty much silent until u reach n paul who was driving stopped n askked where in la push u where staying u replied explaining that u werent stayig in la push but forks with the cullen, paul started the car agion with a disapproving look on his faace the five minutes later u stoped at a river where a women with blonde hair who was extremly beatiful was stood next to a huge yet handsome man, u n seth got out of the car u wondered what was going on when he got ur bags out the car and throuugh them over the river where the blonde one caught them n put them in the back of the car, then seth told u to jump over the river and u did the couple greeted u with a huge hug
"hello dear im rosalie n this is my husband emmet we re ur god parents"she said this with a huge smile on her face
"hiya its nice to finally meet u"
"yes it is we havent seen u since u where a baby"the man named emmet said
u all got in the car n drove of alot faster then u thought u would u soon arrived at a house with big clear windows to look through as u got out rosalie guidied u to the house when u got to the front door u saw a goregues man come out following a girl with long brown hair n chocolate brown hair the mans eyes where a beatiful topaz it entrigued u
"thats edward n bella"rosalie said interrupting ur thoughts
"do u like her??" u asked
"not really hw did u knw"she asked u
u thought it weird to tell a person the speacial talents u possed at this time so u just replied with
"the way u looked at each other"
"oh right" she replied even more confused nw she broke the long silence when u were walking into the houde with would u like to see ur room it was amazing ur dream bedroom
"its amazing thank u so much"u looked around in absolute shock
"we thought u would like it"rosalie said with a beatiful grin on her face u reply
"what do u mean we???" u asked rosalie quickly changed the subject
"look heres emmet with ur bags to unpack" she said with a slight smile on her face
"ok thanks" u were still in absoulte shock nw not only about the bedroom but of the hole day first u had a drem where everything happened except the things that included jacob then seth coudnt frop u of to the house u were staying in n nw ur go parents were hiding something from u u decided to sleep on it and unpacked everything since tomorrow was a saturday n u wanted to explore so u unpacked thinking about the day then got into you pjs ur bottoms where black n white checked with a blue tank top, u then got into ur bed n where nearly asleep when u felt someones arm on u u turned around it was that boy edward u turned ur light on n nw he was on ur window sill
"______right??" he asked is his silvery tone
"yes" u replied
"u knw the wolves right??"he questioned
"the wolves??" who were the wolves u thought
"oh right"he said
"sorry i mean the clearwaters ulleys n blacks???"he said quieter
"i knw who u mean yes"u said this abit uneven n he noticed
"well i dont knw whether i can ask this"he said abit quirely
"go ahead" u said
"ok urm can u talk jacob into leaving bella alone.......but dont tell him i asked u to"he seemed unsure asking u this
"jacob???"u replied
"oh of course jacob black"he said with a slight smile
"im sorry i dont knw a jacob black i dont really knw the blacks" u said sorryly
"oh right well thanks anyway"he said his smile fading
"but im going round there tomorrow so if i meet him i will" u replied quickly as he turned for the door
"REALLY THANK U SO MUCH" he said this so excited n ran up to u n hugged u tightly until u started tapping his back saying u coudnt breath
"oh sorry but thank u so much" he said smiling as he left
ur smile fadded nw u had to go round there instead of exploring n even more u have tell somone u had never meet to satay away from another person u had never met but what confuse u even more was that u had no idea hw edward got in ur room the door was locked from the inside then only way was the window but hw did he not make any noise???????

hiya guys write the rest later hope u enjoyed xxxxx

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