Friends...With Benefits? (info

kai so this is my new story its basically about best frends...and then how one of them falls for the other one...
heres the character info...i'll hav part one up todai or tmr...

Chapter 1


Your name is...well whatever you want it to be ( I’ll show it like __ )
You're 17...senior you live in New York and you live with your mom who’s a photographer and your stepdad who owns all of the RitzCarlton hotels and your god dad is a fashion designer.
You’re a pretty smart student. You’re 5feet you have looonngg black’re Colombian and you have a little bit of Italian in you too, you have black hair and its pretty long with dark brown REALLLLYY dark
You’re style is unique yet classy...and you don’t believe in 'swag' you’re more of a whatever you feeel like person
You're I guess what you’d say spoiled? But you DON’T flaunt you riches.
You're personality is really moody…but in general you're really nice and awkward and when people get you mad they better learn to keep KEEEEP THEIR DISTANCE!
The rest I guess I’ll add along with the story and anything else that should be added just tell me.
Hope you like it c:


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