Ummmmmmm.... Poems

Ummmmmmm.... Poems

Okay, so these are some poems I wrote for ELA class (English Language Arts).... I'm bored as hell, so I decided to post them.
XD Also, "Blood" is just something I made up during the remainder of class. Hope you like them!! ^_^ *********************************************** Stars. **********************************

Chapter 1

I Am From: Anguish And Fury

by: Alastor_
I'm from the darkness that I wear like a mask;
My former friend's dagger that's still stuck in my back.

I'm from words that give rise to goosebumps on skin;
The glint of my eyes and the venom in my grin.

I'm from the solitude that I don like a cloak;
My dying light and her fading hope.

I'm from giving up my life to save my only friend;
And from protecting her, whom I live to defend.

I'm from ferocity and shadowy fire in my heart;
I am the tigress that snarls and prowls in the dark.

I'm from painful songs that have yet to be sung;
From shielding the old and guarding the young.

I'm from striking out, past the walls
Erected to shelter me and ensure I don't fall.

I'm from the freedom of my life as a loner;
Cherishing my beauty, rejecting lipstick and toner.

Yet I'm still from the darkness, the sorrow and gloom;
Detesting those who say, "You'll feel better soon."

Some might day I'm the downfall of gladness,
The harbinger of anguish, the embodiment of sadness.

So I raise my head and say without shame,
"Never assume I've been forgotten when I have no name."


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