The Hunger Games: Katniss's Life

This kind of like Katniss' diary. I'm planning to make this a short book with 5-7 chapters, just about Katniss's life before the Games. If you have any ideas for this series, comment below! Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

First Day of Spring

I wake up from the smell of something, like roses. The window in my room has been opened. I hear Mockingjays singing and exchanging tunes. It must be the first day of spring.
Prim and my mother are still sleeping, so I quietly race to the closet and dress myself. I lace up my leather boots and slip on my hunting jacket.

As usual Buttercup, gives the occassional hiss and screech, but I ignore him. I just hope he doesn't wake the others.
I grab my game bag and sneak out the door, quietly and walk towards the fence. The air is warm and smeels sweet. I slip my game bag under the fence first. The ground is a little soggy from yesterday's rain. Although strange, winter ended early this year. I have nothing against it though, it means more to my family and Gale's than people would think. We will have more game and edible plants to trade and eat, earlier this year.
With a smile on his face, Gale is already waiting on the other side of the fence.
"Hey," I say.
"Hey, Catnip," he smiles.
"First day of spring!" I say. There's a better chance of seeing some bigger animals today. It's much warmer, and the squirrels probably don't have any food left from the winter, so they'll be out and about looking for food.

"Think we might see any deer today," he asks, hopeful.
"Maybe, I don't know. There's probably a better chance of seeing them in spring than in the winter, right?" We smirk. Unless there are some remaining survivors, that managed to remain in this forest, and not on a family's dinner table in the Capitol.

I take my hidden bow and arrows, and postion myself. I spot a squirrel, fat one too, that is too busy seperating nuts to notice me and Gale. Gale eyes me, curiously. I pull back the string and aim for the squirrel's eye.
The squirrel must have heard me too late because it turns it head towards me, confused, and drops down from the tree. I pick it up by the tail and throw it into my game bag.
"Nice one! Fat little guy," he says.
"Thanks," I say.
I shoot a few more with the same manuevers.They'll be worth something at the Hob. We trail deeper into the forest and Gale sets up another trap. We decide to pick some strawberries we will eventually trade with the Mayor.

After maybe half an hour, I hear hoofs, walking heavily behind us, followed by a snap. It can't be a deer! I've learned to identify animals' footsteps clearly, and that has got to be a deer!

I turn towards the trap and can't believe my eyes...A deer! "No way!" I scream.
"Yes!" Gale says. "I can't believe it!"

I scan the deer. It's not in the best shape a broken leg, bitten ear, and scar on it's side. But, it still looks good enough to eat or trade with.
"We'll share it," Gale says.
"No, no, it was your game. You deserve it. It'll be worth a lot when you trade it."
"Katniss, we're sharing the trade profits whether you like it, or not." he says harshly.

"Gale, I already have enough to trade with. It's okay, you have a much bigger family than me anyway." I say, hoping he'll just keep the deer. "Your family needs it more."
He hesitates a moment, as if debating if he's convinced or not. "Are you sure?"
"Positive." I answer.
"I'll still give you some of the trade profits I get," he says.
"I won't accept any gifts," I say. "But thanks, for the consideration."
"Gosh, Katniss, you're so stubborn," he says in an annoyed tone. He starts to skin the deer, vicously with an attitude.

I roll my eyes. He won't give this up, unless he can sneak some deer belly fat into my game bag.

We pack up our game, and head back.
"I'll see you at school," I say.
"See you later, Catnip," he says, then smirks.
It's still really early in the morning and school won't start in another hour or two.

I come home and I unpack my game bag. Unsuprisingly I find very big chunks of deer, that had been already skinned by Gale. No wonder he smirked.

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