Friends...With Benefits? {Part1}

well i said id have part 1 out you goo

Chapter 1


You woke up to a masssive looked around you and saw a messy room and founf yourself in just your super short and ripped black shorts along with your lacey bra. you got up and ran to the bathroom. you were sitting on the bathroom floor and everything from last night started running thru your head

you were driving to your boyfrends house (he lived a bit out of nyc) and when you were there you saw an unfamiliar car on his driveway. at first you were curious to whos it was...considering it looked familiar...but then you just brushed it knocked a few times and when no one opened up you decided to let yourself in...(the door was unloked) you opend the door and went up the stairs to Nates room (your bfs name) and you heard sumone moaning "Nate...mmmmhh" you were really worried now. you bust into his room and saw him with Alexis the new girl in school...then you looked at him in digust he was like "its not wha..." you laughed then said "later loser...we are SOOO OVER"
you walked back to your werent gunna cry or anything cuz that was stupid to you...but you just felt like an IDIOT for believing this kid and for even dating drove back home and decided to just fix it by getting drunk

back to reality
you found yourself on the ground and then got decided there was noo reason for you to mope over him so you brushed your teeeth and hopped in the shower. you got out wrapped a towl around you and let your long black hair drip down your back. you went to your room and put on some underwear thenblow dryed your hair so it wasnt dripping...then you started looking in your closet for what clothes to wear...
as you were doing so you heard someone walk into your room and yell "_________ im here with the ice...." you turned around and your best friend brandon was there and he was staring at you (btw you were still in your underwear) you looked at him and chuckled then said "ayyye craccckkurr you heard?" knowing clearly that he knew about the break up. he looked at you and nodded you grabbed a baggy tshirt from your closet put it on and sat on your bed. you sighed then shrugged and he sat down by you and said "you okay" and you nodded then he pulled you into a big had always liked...maybe even loved brandon since the 8th grade...and he knew back then. but as of right guys were just best friends.
after awhile you pulled away and looked at him then got up and said "you knooe...we should go to the malll broee and speeennd sum of theem dollurs!"
he laughed at you and said "legggo" then you said "mkaaai just give me a bit"
then you put on sum makeup slipped on sum short grabbed your purse and you were headed out the door to the mall

thats the forst part to this chapter...theres one more bit that i'll put up in a bit
hope yu liked it c;

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