Never Belonging

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Name: Adrianna (Dri to a select few)
Age: 27
Species: 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Human
Appearance: Long, straight, jet black hair, blue eyes, 5' 9.75", gorgeous when not covered in dirt or blood
Personality: Has own opinion, fighter, stubborn
Occupation: An exiled Gondor captain, now has own band of riders
Weapons: VERY skilled in long bow, double swords, knives, throwing daggers, martial arts
Family: Half brother- Aragorn
Relationship Status: Engaged
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - --
The horse's hooves pounded on the wet ground. Rain pelted the already soaked rider. As he came to a villiage, he pulled his horse to a stop and quickly jumped off. Her an to the town hall, but was stopped outside by an armed guard. "State your business."
"I have a message from Lord Elrond."
He rushed into the brightly lit hall and to the young girl. The took the envelope from him and broke the seal.
After a few minutes, she called her trusted companion Bediras. They talked in low tones for what seemed like a long while and then she stood up. "Machel. Gather our gear. Bediras and I will leave at dawn."

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