I Should of Known I Had Been Living a Lie

I Should of Known I Had Been Living a Lie

Name: Angela Dolohov (or so she thinks)
Birthday: 1st november 1982
Apperance; Red hair, emerald green eyes, tall for age, skinny and likes gothic clothing, has a birthmark on her right shoulder like angel wings hence the name
Pesonality: Short tempered and can be scary, isn't bothered by blood purity despite her parents influence, likes trouble, loves quidditch, feels she doesn't quite truely fit in but is loyal to family and friends, dream she can't explain
Animagus: Fox

Chapter 1

Diagon Alley, Malfoy and the Weasley Twins

I sat in the garden watching the sunrise, when my mum Anya Dolohov, Came out my dad Antonin Dolohov was in Azkaban for supporting The Dark Lord in the first war. Both my parents had dark hair and Brown eyes and were of average height. I was nothing like them my hair was a red and my eyes an emerald green I was also tall for my age
( http://s1106.photobucket.com/albums/h362/BlackLabradorGirl/living%20a%20lie%20quibblo%20story/?action=view&current=Angela.png )
Mum came over and sat beside me.
“Morning Angela” Mum smiled
“Morning mum” I said not looking away from the sun rise we both sat in silence as it rose. After an hour of so mum stood up
“Are you coming in for breakfast?” Mum asked I nodded, got to my feet and followed mum indoors. We ate and chatted for a while when an owl flew in with a letter in its beak addressed to me. I opened it up and looked at it while mum prepared breakfast.
“My Hogwarts letter has arrived” I told mum simply
“I thought you would be getting it soon so let’s see vat you need” Mum said and I passed her the list. She looked at it “we will get your things soon”
“Cool looks like the Daily Profit is here mind if I have a look?” I asked
“Sure” Mum smiled I took the newspaper and mum paid for it. I opened it and saw the front page
“Looks like Sirius Black’s escaped from Azkaban” I said simply
“Really?” Mum asked unconvinced probab;y thinking I was messing with her
“Yes look” I said and passed her the paper.
“Well there isn’t really any need for people worrying he wasn’t a death eater it was Peter Pettigrew that betrayed James and Lily” mum grinned. Pleased the death eaters had got one over on people but became annoyed “and led Voldermort to his downfall and of course his down fall most of the death eaters were put in prision your father among them”

A few days passed and we headed to Diagon Alley. We went and got some money from Gringots.
“I have some business to attend to you should head to Olivanders, Madame Malkins and then the rest of your stuff if I haven’t finished, meet me at fortisques and we will get your pet together” Mum smiled I nodded and we went our separate ways I entered Olivanders wand shop
“Ah welcome Miss?” Olivander started looking at me odd
“Dolohov, Angela Dolohov” I said
“Oh right, come for your first wand have you Miss Dolohov?” Olivander asked he still looked at me odd as if unconvinced by something I had said. I didn’t let it bother me though.
“That’s right” I said we tried several wands none of them worked.
“Let’s try this Holly and Dragon Heartstring 13 inches” Olivander said I took hold of it and a purple glow surrounded me. “That’s the wand for you”
“Thank you, how much would that be?” I asked he told me and I paid I headed to madam Malkin’s were I saw Draco at the back being fitted I went up to him.
“Hello Draco” I smiled
“Hey Angela is it your first year at Hogwarts?” Draco asked
“Yer I got my wand Holly and Dragon Heartstring 13 inches” I said
“Cool” He said Madam Malkin finished with Draco and fitted my robes I left the shop with Draco we walked to all the shops. Me and Draco was Joking and laughing as we headed to fortisques ice cream shop after we had finished getting our school things when we bumped into two identical red haired boys for some strange reason they seemed familiar to me.
“Let me guess making fun of the Gryffindors “One of them said
“No believe it or not there our funnier things than you Gyffindorks” Draco snarled
“Draco why don’t you get us a table” I suggested trying to avoid a scene
“Sure” He said and went into the Ice cream shop
“Sorry about that but he really wasn’t making fun of anyone” I said
“Wait did you just apologise to us?” One of them asked
“Yes why?” I asked
“Just surprising” The other said
“Well, I should introduce myself Dolohov, Angela Dolohov” I said I saw what looked like pain in their eyes as I said Angela.
“Fred and George Weasley” George said gesturing to each other the look was still there and he wouldn’t meet my eyes
“Familiar” I muttered
“What did you say?” Fred asked also unable to meet my eyes
“Doesn’t matter I best go, see you in Hogwarts” I said and left to sit with Draco. We ordered our ice creams and had nearly finished when my mum and Mr Malfoy turned up
“Ah Draco when I saw Anya I gathered you would be with Miss Dolohov” Mr Malfoy smiled
“Hello Mr Malfoy Please call me Angela” I smiled
“Hello Angela well me and Draco have things to do see you two around” Mr Malfoy said and left with Draco.
“Let’s get you a pet” Mum smiled
“Can I have an owl mum?” I asked
“Of course” Mum smiled we entered, I picked out a beautiful male barn owl
( http://www.owl-pictures.com/barnowl-perched.jpg ) and we headed home. I took all my things including my owl into my room. I placed my owl on the table by the window. I packed my things into my trunk and let my owl out of its cage and he perched on my shoulder. I sat stroking him.
“Now what to call you?” I asked out loud. I sat for a while trying to think when a name passed through my mind Bill
“What about Bill?” I said to the owl he chirped in response and I knew that was what I would call him. Why did the name Bill seem so natural I thought to myself.
AN Ok so I have started some stories and havn't finished any but the thing is I get stuck for ideas so I work on others till I can think up more ideas I have hit a block with some of my others but I will add to them when I get some ideas and will keep my friends udated please check out http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/gmLh_Al/Marauder-Magic-A-Marauder-Era-Love-Story Its a story I am doing with kea_emalia

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