People deleting.

I'm not sure if this is long enough to be a story...

Chapter 1

Read -

I'm not telling you to stay on Quibblo. I'm not going to try and guilt you into staying because I'm your friend -- blah blah blah

I just have one question -- Why don't you just leave your account there?

You don't have to get on it. You don't have to fool with it at all. Just don't delete it, cuz, who knows -- maybe you might change your mind one of these days in the future! Then you don't have to hunt down all your friends again if you do decide to get back on. If you don't want Quibblo emailing you, you can turn emailing off in the Notification Options.

Just use your goddamn common sense. Don't delete your account. Send out a story or whatever saying that you're leaving, turn off your notifications or whatever, and just don't log in anymore.


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