Voldemorts Daughter: The Begining of Darkness

This is a voldemorts daughter draco love story from the very begining. Enjoy:) oh! and i do not own any of these charcters except for victoria.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 A Dark and Stormy Night

A woman's scream rang through Malfoy Manor. The clouds grew dark while lightning and thunder filled the air. Wolves howled as the moon turned blood red. It was 1:13am,May13th in a small town in England.

Yet another scream came from the manor as a cold voice hissed, though to far away to be heard. Then there was nothing, it had seemed the whole world drew quiet to listen. The only noise that broke the silence was that of a new born baby crying. In the dark open room of the manors basement a woman cradled the new baby in her arms. A man named Lucius burst through the door, for it was his manor,"is everyone alright?!" he yelled. He cautiously entered the room "yes Lucius we are fine, Samantha has just given birth to my son the air of slytherin" the man whom was known as tom to some, but Voldemort to most said. "Umm tom" Samantha said holding on to the baby a little tighter. "Yes" Voldemort said walking swiftly to her side. "Its a girl not a boy" she said and a small frown grew at the corner of his lips. "Let me hold her" he said and Samantha cautiously gave the baby to him.

As soon as he held her in his arms a dark, mystical glow came from the child and he knew she would be more powerful than any other."What are we going to name her?" he asked in a happy, or as happy he could make it, tone. "I've always liked Victoria" Samantha said now looking at the baby. "Yes. Victoria Corvena Riddle, daughter of lord Voldemort, heir of Slytherin", "he hem" a little voice interupted him. "So sorry my lord , but if that is all may i go to bed" Lucius asked while starting to back up. "Wait is riddle manor ready for my return yet?" Voldemort asked and Lucius relaxed a little. "Yes my lord, it is" he said and a smirk crept on Voldemort's face. "You may leave now Lucius" Voldemort said and Lucius left.

Voldemort went over to Samantha to get a better look at the new baby, Victoria. "would you like to hol-" Voldemort was about to say, but saw that Samantha was already asleep. He looked down at the baby, she had the most beautiful eyes blue like the sky with the biggest pupils ever. she was mumbling and playing with his robe. She looked at him and then lifted her head. "wow your a strong one arent you" he said and she kept mumbling.

He reached up and grabbed something around his neck, it was a necklace with the Slytherin crest on it. He put it around her neck, "Let this always be a reminder that you are the heir of slytherin" he said and she played with it.

He looked at her closer and found a mark on her hip of a snake coiled at her hip. He looked at his arm the one he had on his arm was gone 'it must have been transferred to the next generation' he thought. She looked into his eyes and then fell asleep, she looked so calm and peaceful. Voldemort walked over to the side of the room and conjured up a cradle. He gently put her in and went to bed thinking of all the power this child possessed. All the power HIS child possessed.

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