Venom Power

Venom Power

:D hope you like

Chapter 1

Clash with Bane

You'll be mine batman
I'll break you into pieces
Your bones will shatter...
With your blood on my hands
The sound of your spine
Will be the last of you....
Dare to challenge me
I'll make you very sorry
I'm the master of strength
A superhuman to you weak fools
Let me beat you down to the ground
To you fall into a bloody death
I'll make you black and blue
Then just red all over...
No clown, I'm the monster
Let my addiction end you in my palms
Man to bat
I will win with you cracked on my knee
A loser once
A loser again you'll be
Face me and fight like a man
Hidden in masks
Let my venom enter my body
My poison inside
My power and curse
No matter just as long I can fight
I'm the beast that will destroy you
Imprison me...
Chain me up...
I'll break everything and everyone
The bat is and will be mine!
When I'm done their will be no pulse
Hold you up in my victory
A now dead broken bat
My best trophy ever
Gotham fall to me
Your new champion is here
Bane is your man
Dare to cross me
You'll face my monster inside
Flowing in my blood
Like a snake with a hard bite of reality
This poison my force
That sound will be your spine
I'll crush you into a coffin batman.


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