Happy Birthday To...

Chapter 1

Stormy Sherwood!

Well, this girl is finally turning 14. This calls for celebration!
A big one.

Because she deserves it, and so much more. Like seriously, this girl's family isn't even there for her birthday! No presents, no family = real crappy birthday. So it is our job to make it the best ever!

We have to build up a crapload of love, and give it to her.
Give it to SK_SavedMyLife! Give it to Tweedle_Dee!
Even saying "Happy Birthday" will count!

Sooooooo lets get started shall we?


Dear Stormy,
Not even a year long have we been friends, but I feel like we're an old married couple!
We even had our first fight last night, but we got through it because we're supposed to be BTSHPKJRDWLS1DTHLS forever!

(BTSHPKJRLS1DLS= best-tweedle-starkid-harry potter-klaine-jogan-rane-dalton-warblers-larry stylinson-one direction-twilight hating-loving-sisters)

It still puts me in deep thought as to how we even became friends.
But I could never really figure that out, so instead of fretting over it, I'mma tell you a story about it instead...


It's been 4 years since they became friends, well, not friends, but Fireeds. Because friends have the word "end", and so far, they've only had 4 fights that didn't even last a day before they made up.
They bonded over so many things. Harry Potter, StarKid, redvines, shapes, numbers, Glee, Dalton, or their plans, their Unbreakable Vows to each other.
All of that happened in under a years' time.

Most friends don't even get that far 2 years into their friendship in person. These girls barely showed each other their faces, barely heard the others voice, deciding to use Darren Criss as Tayah's mind voice and Chris Colfer for Stormy's mind voice whenever they texted pretty much 24/7.
And even though they never met in person, they were a package deal. Always putting her before their other real life friends.

This frieedship lasted for as long as they could, and they made it. They made it to their destination to meet at the University of Michigan, face to face for the first time.
They finally got to meet, they finally got to interact like normal frieedships, they finally got to yell at the TV whenever they got pissed at the show, they finally got to stress out over drama, they finally got to be what they planned to be.

Best Tweedle Frieeds Forever.


Eh, short story, but that's how I really want it to be. We've been planning this for so long, and if it doesn't happen. I will surely die!
I really do hope your birthday gets better Dee, I really do. I also really wish this could have been better. I'm awful at plotting evil stuff.
It isn't over yet.
But I cannot tell you what it is yet, because hopefully you'll get it within the week.

I lurve you Tweedle Dee/Stormy/Agent Sqougor.
Happy Birthday.
Tweedle Dum/Tayah/Agent M&M's.


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