Hey everyone, so the girls name is Kristen Carlton and shes 16, read to find out more, comments are appreciated! :)

Chapter 1

Not fair

"Thats not fair!" I yelled.
"Well maybe next time you'll actually use your head Kristen!" my dad yelled back.
I stared at him and went up to my room. I should be at Ashly's right now, I think. Ashly is my best friend, and me and her were going to go to her house and have a movie night, something we dont usually have the time to do anymore. We had everything planned...until my dad saw my math test results. I got 68%, which isn't THAT bad, but my parents wanted all A's.
So instead, I get to sit all alone in my huge empty house while my parents go have fun at a friends party.
I hear the front door slam close, so I go back downstairs to watch tv. I'm still so mad, because I even tried my best to do good on the test. But everything has to be perfect, my light brown hair has to be perfectly straightened, no makeup on my 'beautiful' (My mother always calls it that, not me) face and hazel eyes, I have to be in good shape and have outstanding grades. Yeah right.
It's not that I don't try, its just no ones perfect. I'm still thinking and flipping channels when I hear something in the kitchen. I decide to ignore it, and keep watching. But when I hear something fall over in the kitchen, I freeze. Theres people in the house, I hear them talking. I start freaking out, panicking, but some how I'm still frozen to the couch, not making a sound. A man comes in, and looks shocked to see me, as if this was his house instead of mine. He has blonde hair and a black jacket. Another man comes in beside him, and I see that theres two of them behind me, too, surronding me. "I thought the house was supposed to be empty." The brunette standing behind the blonde says.
"It was supposed to be." The blonde answers grinning, not taking his eyes off of me, "Thats a shame, Ashly must be missing you."
That gives me chills, that these creeps must have been stalking me. Although I'm terrified, I don't say anything. I fight back tears, but I wouldn't let them see me cry. The blonde whispers something back to the brunette, and the brunette nods. He grabs my arm and leads me upstairs, into my room and shuts the door. I sit down on my bed, still not talking. "Wheres your phone?" He asks.
I point to my desk, where my brand new Samsung Touch lay. He snaps it in half.
Now that I look at him, he doesn't seem that old. I'm 16, and it seems like he only has a few years on me. His brown hair is shaggy with bangsthat fall over blue eyes. Its about 10 minutes before the blonde comes in, and he starts whispering to the boy. I try to listen, but I can only catch a few fragments. "...need...money..where...?" the boy says.
The blonde is wearing that same grin, and points to me. He takes a cloth out of his pocket, and puts it over my mouth. I try to fight it, but the scent is too strong and I pass out.

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