Harrypotterfan971 deleted. For more info. Read please. :(

Chapter 1

That idiot texted me just there and told me she deleted!
I'll see her tomorrow and I'll convince her to make a new account. ;) I can be persuasive at times. :]

Anyway, she told me she deleted because she thinks she's the reason Millie deleted. Who's that chick anyway? Anywho.. She said that she didn't say anything bad to Millie but she turned her back on her when Millie was upset ad getting a lot of hate.
That's all I know right now. I'll try- Wait!
She just replied to my last text again.

Um.. Wtf happened here yesterday? JUSTIN BIEBER? Jasmine V? Christian beadles? Wtf? I'm so confused. Guys. Look, I'm just saying, unless they've got proof, don't believe it's them! Ok?:]

Anyway, I'm going to go now. I'm really mad at Simone now. Ho better keep an eye out tomorrow!;] I'll be lurking around... ;] nah, I'll kill her for ye tho! :P
Does anyone know anything else? Tell me.



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